Friday, January 3, 2014

OMG....Jovian Sale and Sofina datang lagi...

Today has been quite a day - manage to get a lot of things done (ho yeah - productivity dah masuk gear 3 since new year) plus got to snatch and grab some stuff both online and offline.

Did you know Jovian is on sale today?

And everything is like 50% off?

Ho yeah. Kalau anda jovianista sila jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan ini...hehehe. Even the J dress I bought last Nov was on half price. Errrmmm...akak terkesima di situ akan tetapi nak buat macam mana. Redha je la.

This lil devil made me shop!!! Grrr!! No matter how much I psiko'ed  myself I end up buying anyways - by the time I reach the counter my arms are bloody shaking because the baju was super heavy.

Oh me exaggerate not. Dah la line nak masuk fitting room panjang. But alhamdullillah...I love my loot.


Another thing to be excited about is the arrival of my green Sofina 2.1.

What? They came up with a new batch already?? And you bought another one? Don't you already have 3?

Yeah yeah yeah. I have 3 Sofina bags at home. Super guilt buys. But I seriously love that bag - its spacious, its durable, its chic and most of all.....its cheap! Beats all the C&K bags I have at home. I can bring it anywhere and dump anything in it and still look oh so stylish.

And who can resist that color??

I almost bought another one in blush pink but god helped me by making me think 10 times before I click the Buy Now button. Hahahahaah! Sebab nak pi beli baju kat Jovian sale. Grin. So beringat sikit. Takpe la....bagila orang lain beli yang color blush pink tu. Maybe next time IF they come out with it again I'll get it for meself.


Besar sungguh if'nye......padahal dalam hati meronta ronta nak menjerit mintak restock!


TGIF!!! I love weekends now that I have no classes to go to!

Have a good one peeps!

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