Thursday, January 23, 2014

One hell of a morning....

Busy morning. Was chasing people since yesterday and somehow felt that I am stuck in the middle of a huge misunderstanding (or is it better termed as miscommunication?) that I personally felt could have been avoided if everyone had been honest with themselves. Of course, I ni listener je. Not that such occurence should ever bother me tapi then again its kinda hard not to be a judge and a jury once facts are laid bare inforent of you. Two events happened rendering me to think, whats the point of playing hanky panky and making excuses when at the end, the same leads to your very own private gigantic headache and pain in the arse?

Yet being human, there are times when we do things simply because we want the challenge. Or simply because we can.

As crazy as anyone might think, there are some who ends up freaking happy and joyful over the utmost unbelievable circumstances. Can't elaborate much of the circumstances in mind right now because its not something mine to tell, yet trust me, I was in awe over the fact that things as such could ever happen - such a dramatic turn of events.


Life is never compliucated. We tend to complicate it and start bugging over it.


It would be interesting to see how the drama unfolds in the months to come. 


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