Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small bite sizes....

...taking a break from a super long spreadsheet.


Its almost 5pm, time flies. I still have a couple of rows to look at and it seems like I am taking forever to complete a single spreadsheet. The fact that the more or less about 20 rows of data is not the yet the end of a massive to-do list is a bit tiring - I still have endless rows to look at over the weekend to meet the 22nd submission deadline.

Gah la kan bagi template on the last working day of the week and mintak revert back within 4 working days. Macam esok tak cuti je. Sigh. Its not even an extension, in fact its lebih kurang sama je - sangat tak membantu.

Enough sighing. Considering that tomorrow is another day off, lets complete at least that 20 or so rows first - work it out in small bite sizes that will eventually lead us to the end.

Oh yeah, small bite sizes.

Gonna raid the beach again tomorrow.  Gonna bring some of the new reads - no, not my Adv Excel for Dummies - and hopefully I can find some time to leave tech behind and go ol'skool bookish gal.

Blissful thinking.

You have a good weekend ya!


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