Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The day I turn to the Dummies.....

Don't get me wrong....its not that I don't know how to go about with excel - but then lately it seems like knowing simple excel is no longer enough. All this while I have been using excel for reporting and I have to admit the program is a very powerful tool....yet I also realise that there is so much that can be done using it that I have yet to learn.


I tried learning using the help functions in the program itself and all the online YouTubes but call me slowmo ke apa I still have difficulty understanding - maybe because its in bits and pieces and less organised so my thoughts macam tak connected somehow.

So last week I hit Borders and got these....

Ambik ko! Excel for Dummies! 101 version and advanced!

Well I am planning to learn how to do macro. I figured I should also try and learn how to use Microsoft Access, but then lets not get too much over our heads today. Nanti semangat la nak try belajar macam macam tapi habuk pun tarak. So lets focus on this.

So far I have finished six chapters of the first book and I have to say the explanations are very handy. I suke!!!!

My target is to finish the first book today. Hopefully cuti CNY I can crunch the harder part with the VBA book.

Wish me luck!

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