Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is war....

"All war is based on deception " - Sun Tzu

My handphone rang madly at 8am. I was barely awake. I have no mood whatsoever to talk to anyone but I know the call is about work. It has been a while since I got calls so early (or so late) from office, which signals the end of my low working season and start of a new busy season to follow.


"Hello". And I paused. I can't muster the strength to utter a single word after. Trying my best to mask my just-rose-out-of-a-deep-slumber voice since the night had been really cold and I just wish I can snooze and curl in bed. 

The voice at the other end was quiet for a while. Followed by a partly shocked voice asking me whether I have already reached the office and whatnot. Bollocks la. Pukul 8 pagi apa kes la nak sampai ofis dah kan. I am usually at my deak at 9am. This is 1 hour in advance.

*oh my, need to work on my getting to office early resolution. One month had almost passed and I am still in my only-can-get-to-office-by-9am-or-later-routine. Not good.*

But that was just plesantries.

1 hour later I was still on the phone talking about work. And office politics. And lack of documentation. And accounting entries that should follow suit. And reversing accounting entries.

It feels like.....


Because at some point it felt like we are all playing along together a game of snake and ladder and somewhere on the board there's a roadblock and a puddle - and to overcome that we are in a situation where we are now ready to shoot each other blind.


It doesn't stop there.

The nightmare crept on all morning.

What I can say is that its freaking tiring to be stuck in the middle.

Hopefully we can all put this behind sooner rather than later.

Lets just hope it doesn't lead to this. Because it has just begun and I don't play politics.

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