Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend by the docks...

What can I say....the year started with a series of mini if its already mid year. God knows how dreadfull it'll be after CNY once the year actually starts - no more public hols till Labor Day - better get as much R&R now to brace for the latter.

Anyways spent the weekend (again) in PD - this time overlooking a bunch of yacht at the Avillion Admiral Cove. Thought it'll be interesting so bought vouchers with Shasha masa last MATTA fair - bila sampai sampai we then ruled that we should have spent  a bit extra and got Avillion's water chalet instead.

Sebab seriously the hotel was nothing to shout was a far cry compared to The Avillion which I just love love love.

Tak pe la....there's always a first to everything.

Blinged my arms with evil eye-themed danglers all the way from KL to PD. Surprisingly it was a very smooth ride - traffic was good, music was good. All in all its good.

We got the studio room facing the sea. The room was functional. Too bad there's no rain baths. :).

The whole layout of the hotel was a maze, as if its not properly set up. Sape la arkitek yang design this place. Pity the lots yang dapat bilik kat LG floor - its as if there's no windows at all. Ok la I bet there's windows tapi I'm not's like kat LG kot and there's no exit from the floors to the adjacent basement except for the lift up back to the lobby.

Nasib bauik my room comes with a view.

Despite having a balcony....masih terasa diri macam terperangkap dalam bangunan sebab we can't open the windows/sliding doors.

By the time I checked out the room dah banyak deng deng deng dalam kepala bunyi minus points. I was hoping for balconies with kerusi santai where I can laze with my book. Harapan putus separuh jalan.


The hotel compound was so-so je....I expected the place to be bigger. The weekend was cloudy (yet again)...tak tau la apa jadi to all the sun. The only reay of sun was felt on the last day. Bums. So original pics semua agak gelap - therefor I took the liberty to edit and filter using camera360 app in my iphone.

 Used the lomo filters to create a reminiscing feel. Hahahaha. Selalunya aku la orang paling malas nak edit gambar.


 Anyways I got what I came for. The yachts were docking nicely....morning is a breeze. Of course it would have been nicer if we could take a stroll at the dock - the doors were close to public so we only get to snap pics from inside the hotel area overlooking the docks.

The pool  are was packed! Obviously there were tonnes of people - sebab its a long weekend and early of the year....banyak company buat team building.

Since we frequent PD a lot there's not much new stuff to do. Shasha told me there's a new Starbucks at PD waterfront...dan sebagai fanatik tegar I just gotta go and see it for myself. 

Ambik kau...siap dua tingkat and ada drive thru.

Grin & double winks.

Have you ever been to PD waterfront before?

Well I think its quite an ok place - you get all the fast food joint in one place (among others, Dominos and McD) and its quite a convenient place to just chill.

But then apart from a lil park overlooking the waters don't expect much to see.

After checking out my starbucks outlet (self declared) we decided to get dinner. Sebab there's nothing much pun kat area hotel tu. At first we wanted to go to this famous seafood joint a friend of Shasha recommended, but perut macam lapar nak mati and we found a seafood place nearby PD waterfront that seems to be crawling with people.

Takkan la tempat ramai orang makanan tak sedap kan.

Plus its sebelah jeti nelayan, so macam feeling la pulak makan dekat perkampungan.

The seafood place we went to mmg senang nak cari - its next to Jabatan Laut and less than 10 mins away from PD waterfront.

Insta'ed a couple of piccas... ada satu tu filetr B&W bagi feel zaman 60an sikit....

Dinner was kerang bakar, tom yum, kailan goreng, telur dadar and ikan siakap 3 rasa.

Oh my....heavennye sebab lama tak dapat seafood.

One thing about eating outside KL is that the price aint hefty.

That loot with an ABC cost about RM25 per head. And the portion was actually good for 3.

Kat KL mana nak dapat?

The next day we went to the night market at central PD area.  Bila sampai pasar malam we all semua rambang mata....they have a lot of stuff murah we (yet again) feast like a king.


The whol;e weekend was spent reading. Cultured sunnguh. Manage to finish Kaz Ishak's "Biar Wayang Jadi Saksi" and Paul Coelho's "Manuscript of Accra".

Both are a superb read. This is my first malay novel since uni days....I was always very sceptical of local novels because the storyline tu macam ala-ala boleh bajet je but then this one truly amazes me. I practically peel every single page till the end in awe. Unpredictable plot, good characterisation and definitely challenges my malay vocab.

Sebab lama dah tak baca bahasa melayu tinggi ni.

And because of this, I went back to Borders yesterday and got Nazi Goreng and Cerpen. Do you know that Borders at the Curve has a section dedicated to local writers who right in English? Yours truly baru tau....and there's quite a selection. Nazi Goreng is one of the latest additions in the bookstore and guess what.....yours truly got an author's signed copy. Heheheeh.

And I also got Other People's Love Letter. I find it interesting reading what people write to their lovers. Quite a few hate letters too...just my kinda bedtime story.

Tak ambik paper this sem boleh la pikir nak membaca la kan.


Anyways....its Monday. Am trying to motivate myself to make a constant change.

Till then.... love & light!

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