Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who say's you can't have fun even when it rains??

Last weekend was a rainy weekend - I remember it rained all the way from KL to my next mini excursion. Not that I planned the trip for long, its just that I bought the weekend stay voucher on impulse during the last Matta Fair and simply hate to waste it. Initially its suppose to be a December trip - but I had to do the surgery all of a sudden and was confined for the next 3 weeks after - so its not really something you can travel with anyway.

So since its expiring at the end of Jan, I simply put the reservations to the very last minute.

I wished that it hadn't rained. I love the sun. It would have been a lot better if the day had been sunny because the drive to Gold Coast Sepang is quite long. I don't expect it to be that far from LCCT but then its seriously not that near - and the road signs do not help much either.

Nasib baik ada waze. Ikut la waze sampai hotel.

Donned my new Jovian bracelet with a purple tunic I bought from Bali....tetiba feeling bohemian chic. Since it was quite a drive I manage to hum to Yuna and Atilia's tunes all the way from KL to Bagan Lalang.

Sampai boleh hafal lirik.


There was a point I macam nak naik marah sebab tak sampai sampai. Rasa macam PD lagi senang nak pergi kot. But the place is truly a sanctuary.....its peaceful, its tranquil and most of all....beautiful.

Got a premiere traveller room for my one night stay and decided to take up their relaxation package at the spa to kickstart the new year. Ye la....the year baru start kot...takkan nak complain stress kan. I think its been a while since my last spa session, being the last during my trip to Istanbul (oh my, turkish hammam with the hot slab to lie on while they slough all the dirt away.....awesome with a capital A) so its okay....boleh la try. Plus the pricing was quite reasonable for a 90 minute scrub and massage package, what the heck.

To come to think of it everything is kinda cheap at that place. I was expecting it to be more expensive, sebab similar resorts usually charges almost double for room service.

The room was huge and lovely. Sangat sangat la comfy. Macam bilik honeymoon. Hahahahah! Apa kes la pi resort sorang sorang lepas tu ambik bilik macam ni but then if you think about it too much ntah2 sampai bila-bila pun aku tak sampai sini. Grin. Ho yeah, no need to wait for a partner in crime.

There are wide windows all over the room overlooking the beach and waters and its simply devine to keep the windows up all day - I get to read my novel indoors and not feel the heat outside. Sebab despite the cloudy outdoors, the heat was excruciating. So dok dalam bilik pasang aircond kuat-kuat.

Too bad the room I got only has a shower and not a tub. Kalau ada tub tak payah pi spa.....buat spa sendiri dalam bilik sudah.

When the agent promoted the room they talk a lot about the customed bamboo roof. I notice that the roof emits a certain bamboo-like odor, givinng the room a feeling of calm and natural. The room is quite lux for a 2 person stay - the king size bed can fit 4 and the sofa is big enough to double as a daybed.

Definitely a catch if people have small kiddos who tags along.

The whole resort is pretty quite, despite seeing a lot of people around. I was told that its full occupancy that day - tapi sebab tempat tu besar kot...tak nampak sesak at all. Despite the huge compound they don't provide free parking - kalau nak free parking kena park kat central parking which is quite a distance dekat main entrace. I valet my car - its RM20 per entry, with subsequent re-entry charged at RM10 each. Hefty jugak la fees dia.

Since the place is located far out of town agaknya memang tak banyak benda la boleh buat kat sana. But they have indoor games you can borrow, and they list out a few hotel organised activities like yoga, power walk kalau lepak lama boleh la join. You can get a full list of activities at front desk. I just spent most of my time reading either in my room or by the pool (sebab nak ambik gambar sunset).....other than that just walk around.

Oh my infinity pool dia nampak macam best kan???

Percaya lah pool dia sebenarnya tak de la besar mana. But then that place boleh la tahan cantiknya kalau tengok sunset and all. Too bad when I was there the recreation building next to the pool that houses restaurants and pool bars were under renovation, so macam tak best kalau lepak lama-lama coz takde apa.

I hit the spa the next day before I leave. Oh did I mention that their service was awesome?

Staff dia semua baik-baik (so far yang I encounter la). The massage was really nice. Cuma compound hotel tu je besar sangat and the papan tanda macam tak berapa nampak - so rasa amarah la jugak kadang-kadang sebab tak nampak papan tanda.

Tapi yang penting....

.....tilam best. Tido pun lena. Tengok tu bangun pagi nampak fresh sajo.

Huge like.

Thuis weekend ada team building pulak kat PD, so will be back to Avillion with my collegues. Oh water chalet lagi. Heheheeh! Bulan ni macam bulan water chalet. But I am more excited to go to PD on 17th actually with Shasha - nak lepak kat Avillion Admiral Cove berdepankan kapal kapal kaler putih kat the mini marina.

Hopefully la.

Till then. Have a good week ahead!


~LIZA~ said...

Bestnyaaaaa!! Rasa macam nak pergi pulak bawak my kids..

Zuraida said...

Hi liza!!!! Lama x jumpa!!! should. Tempat tu agak child friendly la jugak. You will love it there.

dot said...

Happy New Year 2014 babeh. Have an awesome year. xoxo

Zuraida said...

Happy new year dot!!!! Lets all have an awesome year ahead!!!

Hugs xoxo