Friday, February 21, 2014

It must have been the most forgetful day ever....

Happy Friday anyone!!! What the heck la this girl blogging at 9pm ni kan u say? Obviously orang lain sibuk bersuka ria because its Friday night but then yours truly is obviously stuck in the office. Hari ni sumpah banyak kerja. I nak balik pun rasa macam eeerghhhhh plus there's this meeting at 3pm that took the whole afternoon. Sigh. Ni pun tengah kira kira nak tapau balik kerja because ada report lagi tak siap. I am so not in the mood la bila cakap pasal kerja ni. Sometimes I wish everything can magically do themselves.


Today must be the most forgetful day ever. I almost lost my parking card. Forgot where I park my car (twice!). Almost lost my IC. Left my ID pass in the car during lunch. Can't seem to find anything I need on my desk.

Apa nak jadi ni?

My deskmate had to help me sort out my wallet to find my IC.

Ho yeah phatetic sungguh.

At the end I decided to move my car closer to the exit at 6pm so that I will not end up alone, at B7 carpark, clueless as to where my car was in the middle of the night. Thank God masa I gerak the car there's an empty parking lot betul-betul dekat pintu carpark.


Now I dah pening. Gabra pun ada sebab tak abis kerja lagi. Dah la ofis ni sejuk nak mati.


So much for a weekend.

Takpe la. Gotta do as much as I could and try and pack my bags in an hour or so. Should try to at least sleep before 12 so that I can work again tomorrow morning.

Hope your Friday is way better!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Already feeling oh so excited over the thought of the sun rising above the majestic Angkor Wat.....

Can't wait to set foot at one of the wonders of the world.....

....the Angkor Wat. Imej ihsan Google. Coz I am yet to be there.

This past few days had been pretty hectic. Work piling. Health not so at peak. On-off demam. Kinda make me wish there's a miracle jab or something that can make me turn around 360 degrees to being super healthy. I suppose the office is just too cold la. Outside pulak too hot. Iye la. Malaysia summer la katakan. If last month or so it rained almost everyday.....these days we are in a dry spell. The heat tu tuhan saja yang tau.

I am finally taking an hour or so to google what to do in Siam Reap next weekend, given that I have left all the arrangements to my travel buddy all this while and decided to just go with the flow. I can only imagine that the visit will bring my pace down a couple of notches (if Siam Reap is anything like Phnom Penh, its gonna be pretty laid back and chilling) and I just hope the weather there ain't too heaty at this time of the year. So far my search results comes up with very little variety - getting repeated hits for Angkor Wat and not much else but then I suppose kalau tak banyak tempat nak pergi pun okay - I can just spend time sipping coffee (oh yes, Cambodia mostly serve Illy coffee yang sangat sedap) and chill over Blue Pumpkin ice creams - yums! 

And spa! Whats a visit to that part of the world if we don't go for cheap massages and body scrubs kan? It'll be fun. My travelmate Nina is a huge fan of spa and coffee. And travelling with her is always super cool sebab dia ni funny and all. 

So yeah. Its something I am really looking forward to.

Now. Its time to make sure I get my leave approved. Hmm....thats kinda tricky at this juncture, but hey, gotta insist kan?


p/s : pics from Istanbul trip and HK trip pun tak abis post lagi. :p

Monday, February 17, 2014

What I would not give for a hot cup of latte......

 I am at a withdrawal phase because today starts the day when I need to cut sugar (again!).


Its never too late to start a good eating habit (again) and despite countless resets, I simply refuse to give in and simply give up.

But a latte does look nice aite?


Perhaps I should learn to take it without sugar - just for the kick of it. But I love my sugar. Sobs. Macam putus nikmat dunia if suddenly tak dapat makan gula.  Teruk sungguh!. Poor thing without sugar and caffein my brain macam stuck je - tak boleh fikir. Sigh.

Let's just hope this is temporary. Despite the fact that it feels so very permanent.


Okla. Jom jangan layan this monday blues. Tak pasal pasal kang menjadi-jadi pulak. Back to work now.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tina's 4M's was at my place and it was crayzeeee......

Tina and her 4M's swing by my place last night and they turn the house upside down. Literally speaking. Hahahaah. Tina brought her kids to my place because she needed to get some stuff from me and since her kids had been singing songs and bugging her to play with the cats so she took them along. I dah bajet dah the kids would be quite excited when I drove home from office and got a text from Tina to rush it because her kids dah bising dah depan pintu pagar.



I asked Tina to park her car outside because it was almost 11pm and usually my condo would charge RM5 overnight parking fees for visitors to park their car inside. I sampai sampai je I see 4 excited faces rushing into the back of my car seat - pastu politely duduk at the back atas lambakan cardi's and jackets. Sukahati kau la nak. Nasib baik ko saiz mini je kan. Tak kisah duduk atas baju or heaps of stuff piling at the back seat.

Masuk masuk rumah je Maqil and Mayesa dah start buat macam rumah sendiri - terus melepak baring atas sofa like nobody's business. That time Bobo and Bambam was in the living room, so they all seronok terus kejar kejar kucing and all. Bambam since to have a thing for Maqil, he let him stroke him and follow him around. Maryam and Mikhail pun sibuk kejar kucing. Once we know the kids are settled down and all good in front of the tv, Tina and I cepat cepat go through my stuff to get the stuff she needed and what not. Ada la sejam jugak. In between that I can hear Maryam's voice asking Ani questions. Havoc sekejap rumah because you can hear the kids outside. Ada sekali tu I think the kids were hungry and they asked my sister if they can have the chocolate bread in her room. Ani says "okay.....ask your mother".

Sampai sudah tak tanya mak dia. Hahahaaha. Takut kot.

Not long after we were done all of a sudden Mikhail pop his head and asked his mom..."bila nak balik ni?"

Hahaha! Amboi. Tau ko dah lambat. Mentang-mentang ko dah puas main kucing tu sibuk pulak nak balik.

On the way to the car the Maryam looked and me and say "auntie zue...esok kita datang lagi!".

I looked at Tina and laughed.

Baikla nak. Nanti ko cakap la ngan your mommy.

Bless you for having excellent customer service FV!

I had this thing about SuriSara's Arianna skirt so when FV went on a CNY promo, I took the chance to purchase more than just the skirt and the alexa top....I also bought 2 pairs of Kiss & Tell shoes that I have been eyeing for quite some time....

*Kiss & Tell Chantal pumps in Zebra and Rita pumps in Nude*

I have been an avid fan of FashionValet's services.....I bought like 5 pairs of Kiss&Tell shoes from that side alone....not to mention the uber crazed Sofina bag (which I have 4, heheehe!) and many many other cardi's, tops, bottoms and accessories. FV had totally changed my life okay.....not only expanding my shopping habits but also open me up to the latest trends and whatnot. Tak kisah la kalau I tak pakai sangat pun kasut tu....nampak kotak dia at home pun makes me feel like I'm on top of the moon....yang penting when I want to wear them I got them with me. Heheheeh!

What I love most is the speedy delivery. 

At least speedy delivery was my favourite till yesterday.

Now speedy delivery comes second and on top of the list would be class A customer service!


Alkisah my new shoes got lost in delivery last week. I remember the confused look on my face when I saw the parcel and the thought "takkan dua kotak kasut besar ni je kot parcel" cross my mind. So I immediately emailed their customer service....thinking that its ok la, ada la tu....maybe they'll reply in a day or two and its just not sent ke apa but to my surprise they replied within the hour.


We found out the same day that the shoes are packed in a different parcel which are actually taped together to the first parcel, and I went "what?....okay don't freak out", in which I almost did when I found out that that's the last piece that they carry and they dont have extras for my size so if they can't find it I can kiss my shoes goodbye.

Oh yeah. I was bummed. Rasa nak nanges pun ada. That time regret floods in....why la why la I didn't get the shoes when FV did the pop up store in Damansara Heights, sebab that time berlambak kot stock. Sigh. 

But....the customer service officer was so nice, he/she actually called the delivery guys immediately and got them to look around for the lost item pronto. Agaknya dia tahu kot I macam patah hati dengar kasut tu lost in transit (omg, perhaps its obvious??), but I can see that he/she put extra effort in consoling me and promised that they'll close the case within 2 weeks.

Okayla.....that day I put my faith on him/her considering that FV never failed me before. Plus Vivy is a doll ( situ pulak!).

To my surprise, they revert back on Monday (which was only 5 days since incident day) that they have found the lost items and it's processed for delivery. Now the parcel is safely in my hands. Finally. 


Ini baru dinamakan customer service!

Now I felt like crying because I felt so relieved that its not lost. Last piece ni. Macam orang mengidam nak kempuan. :P

Oooo sappy me.

Anyways, FV team if you're reading this, thank you for the excellent service and keep up the good work. Love love love your stuff! And the over the top service definitely set you apart from the rest.

P/s :  Can you give me first dibs for the new Sofina bag? Hahahaha! Kidding! Sape tak nak dapat first dibs on bags yang sold out within 5 mins?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My new e-card website I simply love love love......

I am not the "sending a card" kinda girl - its a tad too sentimental for me. Not that I do not love this stuff - of course macam sweet la kan from time to time to get a card or two , especially for special occasions celebrating something special tapi as I aged there seems less and less occasions that render such things - and sending cards are simply a lux that fade.

Akan tetapi.....

....its kinda chic la kan kalau organise a party and then you send peeps save a date cards, then event day cards and thank you cards kan? Lagi lagi kalau google you find so many beautiful cards that you can share. 

So I decided what the heck. Now that the flights and hotel is finalised, we are already practically 50% there kan. So I browse around countless e-card website and settled at one new favourite.

It has so many chic and trendy free templates to choose from, you can even organise a mailing list and get feedbacks & rsvp for all your e-cards sent.  There are also paid templates, which also looks good. If you like the card design you can even print them out and get it mailed. 


My first attempt ends with Kom's save the date card emailed to 5 other recipients who will be joining for the trip.

Simple yet chic. Just my kinda card.

*please excuse the slight gap at the 3rd line ok....tak perasan. Bila tina point it out baru perasan. Sigh. Next time kena hantar kat tina for proofing before sending them out*


I explore some templates where you can customise and add personal photos too. Oh like like like. Next time boleh try lagi.

Give it a try. You must just like it. Click here to go to the site.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Nerves wreck cari hotel utk our Komala's April party.....

My bestie Komala is getting hitched in May. Confirmed.

*hati penuh rasa terharu dan sebak. Jangan salah paham. I'm so happy for her. So ini is the good kind of sebak*

As the years passed by more and more of my besties settle down and of late there are very few of us single gals left. Kinda miss those days when we can spontaneously plan holidays and just hung out till wee hours in the morning like nobody's business....these days kalau nak pergi trip kena plan betul-betul baru sampai destinasi. 


Usually Komala is the head organiser. Dia yang rajin google all the "things to do" and "places to go" or " bars and cafe to visit" and we usually end up in her very capable hands. Seriously, she can google everything. In fact, nak pergi coffee last weekend pun dia ikut list top 10 coffee place in KL.*raise eyebrow*. Tapi to celebrate her last days of being "single" pun takkan nak suruh dia organise kot?

End up yours truly step up to the plate.


In 50 days or so we will be......

.... at the beach.In fact, it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Suwwwittt!!! *imej ehsan google*.


Organising for a group trip is so nerve-wrecking....especially when semua orang are so laid back and carefree and gave the "its ok just book anything" attitude. Sobs. The feeling macam takut ada, serba salah ada, resah gelisah la if its up to me I will bantai ikut sukahati I la kan whenever I wanna go - kalau bajet tight pun sendiri tanggung la kan but when there's like 5 heads tu macam nervous la jugak scout sini sana.

I suppose now I know how Komala feels when she needs to manage us. Like seriously.....dulu dulu lagi ramai okay kitorang, like 7 or 8 at least. Hahahahaha. Omg and she had been doing it for years - since we all get together sometime in 2007. That woman is a superwoman!

I must sound like a pencil-pusher being the kiasu girl whats-app'ing everyone 24/7 just to bug on travel plans - fact just to decide on a hotel is driving me of the edge. I practically spent 2 days going through agoda searching for possible choices, 5 days pushing for an input from people, and when I do get input, another day booking - just to be googleing again for 5 hours before making a booking because my first choice is no longer available.

*cesss ini belum family trip lagi!!! Sigh!!!*

At exactly 12am tadi I finally click the "Book & Pay Now" button in agoda. Phewh. After worrying about where to eat, what to do, will the hotel be near to attractions, is it safe (and the list goes on) for 5 freaking hours.

*oi nak pengsan*

But then now that is over and done with rasa lega pun ada. Lantak ko la labu. Lepas ni billkan sajo. Hahaahah.

Next on the to do list are the things to do. I was thinking of "to just chill and whing it" but then macam tak best la pulak kalau takde rough plan dulu....nanti tak maximise the time there. I think should grab Shahnaz next week and talk about the what to do and the party pack (surprise surprise). Kalau ikut aku lepak tepi pantai the whole trip pun boleh kira holiday dah. Heheheeh. My definition of "chill and wing it".


Things you do for besties. Naik gelabah seminggu pun boleh tersenyum.

What? So which hotel did I book for us?


...hehehe.Tak adventure la kalau bagitau sekarang, Tunggu lagi 50 hari.



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Working weekend

Its almost 9PM on a Sunday and voila....yours truly is still in the office. Hello hello hello (ala Smash feat Stacy)....yes there is a saying that only orang gila saja kerja on weekends but then you lots know already for quite sometime that I can be that crazy. Alkisah accounts masuk late last Friday and the whole team got called in to finalise numbers so tada!!!! Here we are.....

....that's me one Sub and a baguette later.

Working in a super cold office makes me hungry. And lately my appetite macam mencanak-canak naik. Asyik keje nak makan sajo. Sigh. I think I am stress eating, because I start having difficulty to sleep yesterday. Perhaps partially because of the coffee and cake session with Kom and Shahnaz earlier at Coffee Artisan @ TTDI....

Have u guys give it a try? The cheesecake is out of the world. And the tiramisu is amazing.

Next time boleh datang lagi.


But not everyday. Perhaps on treat days. After two weeks of intese workout.

The whole run & stregth training I have been doing all week had definitely lifted my spirits. It must have been all the good hormones. Even today I manage to squeeze an hour of strength training before going to work and I have to day that despite the whole body burning in (good kind of) pain.....I definitely not feel lethargic. In fact, I feel amazing! And light.

Perhaps partially because of my infused water.

Superb recovery water. H20 infused with apple, orange and lemon. Supposed to also add cucmber and mint but I didn't get to go to the hypermarket for I just pop the three fruits I already have in my fridge. I got it from and I have to say it boost energy and speeds up recovery time....with absolutely zero sugar. Kalau pepagi tu rasa mengantuk penat2 sila ambik air ni .....I bet in 5 minutes mata terus terang benderang and rasa segar bugar. Perhaps good in combatting monday blues that starts in about 3 hours.


Laters. Have a good Monday!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here's to inspire everyone to exercise.....

Its Thursday and let me start off by saying that this is effectively the most active week this month so far! Whoever has been following me would notice I did 5km walk run twice this week and did strength training now twice too (one last Monday, and again this morning....phewh!!!!).

Gotta give myself a pat in the back for effort.

Heheeh! Memang baru week 1 pun kan for February....winks....I just hope I can stay active (or better more) for the next 3 weeks.If I can just stay this way for the next 85 days I might just get lucky and turn this routine into a habit.

Today is the first day I dragged myself out of my comfy sheets and hit the gym at 7 in the morning. Oh susah ok. I slept early and snooze my alarm several times but hey times like this bukan level distress lagi dah consider no choice gotta drag myself and hope that soon I can qada tido balik when I reach my fitness goals.

Here's a motivation for today.....

Here's motivation for tomorrow....

Let's do this!

And as a job well done, I have a 2L water infused drink waiting for me at home to toast for a good 5 days! Tak sabarnyeeee. Gonna down the whole lot, hope it taste good coz it has lemons, oranges and apples in it.

Laters! xoxo.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Me? Vitamin E allergy?

Do you know that one can be allergic to Vitamin E?

Meet yours truly.


I have been having mild eczema for a while. Its nothing unbearable. But tak suka la tengok kulit merah-merah. Thank god its not itchy ke apa kan. Its just that the affected areas tends to dry up - so I kinda have dry skin. Mula-mula ingat wth maybe its tanda within the span of last 3 weeks I tried practically everything including changing my soap and shower gels - I now use QV shower gel and cream - oh love it lots sebab now all my body acne on my shoulders are gone - and for a while the eczema tone down till yesterday....

...dia naik balik.


So I retraced any new habits over the past 2 days and there it is, I found it.....

....I reconsume my Vitamin E.

At first I macam confuse. Dalam hati takkan la.....mana ada orang allergic vitamin kan but then I googled and found out that its pretty common, especially when its in cosmetic products or processed vitamin E. The symptoms are standard of any allergic reaction - rmerah-merah, can be itchy, can develop into hives (ok, mula-mula bila terbaca hives tu I macam omg penyakit apa la ni scary but then hives apparently are only blown up blood vessels. Kalau severe case je baru dapat yang dasyat2 ala ada bintil2 tu)....and it can be treated with over the counter anti-histamine pills like benadryl. Phewh. I menarik nafas lega when I read that.

So tadi tengahari cepat-cepat pi pharmacy.

And within an hour the redness subside.

Syabas bette. Syabas.

Thank God I tak allergic Vitamin C....kalau tak camano nak dapat kulit putih gebu ni?

Hahahaha. Over.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Long Weekend Had Been Great....How's Yours?

I have been domesticated for the whole 4 day break - simply staying in, reading - I finished 2 books and started a new one, managed to catch up with Tina and her kids as well as my chill babes - good food, even greater company. All of a sudden I realise that I really do miss my girls. It has been a while since all of us had really hung out and I had such a good time, its been a while since I laughed so hard. We have different lives now, with most of us now married - we don't use to hang out after work or on weekends as frequent as we used to. But despite all we picked up exactly where we had left before the moment we're all seated in the same table.


Met Tina for breakfast on Friday with her kids. Oh Tina's kids was sublime. I never met a bunch of kids who are so excited with my very presence. Hahaha! Tina told me Mika screamed the moment he saw my car passed by (oh one very smart kiddo!) and Emmet (who recently turned a year older!) macam pandai-pandai pulak dragged his trolley bag and took a seat next to me when we get to Chawan. Hahahaah. Okay that Emmet is officially my small boyfie. Runtuh jantung gua tengok dia dok kat sebelah. Dah la soon after he chatter away like nobody's business next to me till I gave Tina this one blank look like "seriously, dia cakap apa?".

Oh yeah. Mak dia gelakkan aku sajo.

Mayesa was seated in a babychair next to Tina with a face so blank - ye lah, makcik ni usually tak join breakfast. Usually it was Maryam who joined us. But we get along fine. It never cease to amaze me how we all can get along quite well and have decently civilised breakfast time and time again - I am not a kid person, kids usually don't play well with me. I wonder how I'll take it when I do have one of my own.

Rest, good company and exercise left me in a pretty good mood today as I walk in to office for work. 


Anyways, just sharing my my new choice of cool down song I put on repeat at gym this past 4 days.....