Thursday, February 20, 2014

Already feeling oh so excited over the thought of the sun rising above the majestic Angkor Wat.....

Can't wait to set foot at one of the wonders of the world.....

....the Angkor Wat. Imej ihsan Google. Coz I am yet to be there.

This past few days had been pretty hectic. Work piling. Health not so at peak. On-off demam. Kinda make me wish there's a miracle jab or something that can make me turn around 360 degrees to being super healthy. I suppose the office is just too cold la. Outside pulak too hot. Iye la. Malaysia summer la katakan. If last month or so it rained almost everyday.....these days we are in a dry spell. The heat tu tuhan saja yang tau.

I am finally taking an hour or so to google what to do in Siam Reap next weekend, given that I have left all the arrangements to my travel buddy all this while and decided to just go with the flow. I can only imagine that the visit will bring my pace down a couple of notches (if Siam Reap is anything like Phnom Penh, its gonna be pretty laid back and chilling) and I just hope the weather there ain't too heaty at this time of the year. So far my search results comes up with very little variety - getting repeated hits for Angkor Wat and not much else but then I suppose kalau tak banyak tempat nak pergi pun okay - I can just spend time sipping coffee (oh yes, Cambodia mostly serve Illy coffee yang sangat sedap) and chill over Blue Pumpkin ice creams - yums! 

And spa! Whats a visit to that part of the world if we don't go for cheap massages and body scrubs kan? It'll be fun. My travelmate Nina is a huge fan of spa and coffee. And travelling with her is always super cool sebab dia ni funny and all. 

So yeah. Its something I am really looking forward to.

Now. Its time to make sure I get my leave approved. Hmm....thats kinda tricky at this juncture, but hey, gotta insist kan?


p/s : pics from Istanbul trip and HK trip pun tak abis post lagi. :p


Sweettooth said...

looking forward to more travels with you :*

Sweettooth said...

looking forward to more holidays wth you :*

Zuraida said...

always darl sweettooth....always.