Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bless you for having excellent customer service FV!

I had this thing about SuriSara's Arianna skirt so when FV went on a CNY promo, I took the chance to purchase more than just the skirt and the alexa top....I also bought 2 pairs of Kiss & Tell shoes that I have been eyeing for quite some time....

*Kiss & Tell Chantal pumps in Zebra and Rita pumps in Nude*

I have been an avid fan of FashionValet's services.....I bought like 5 pairs of Kiss&Tell shoes from that side alone....not to mention the uber crazed Sofina bag (which I have 4, heheehe!) and many many other cardi's, tops, bottoms and accessories. FV had totally changed my life okay.....not only expanding my shopping habits but also open me up to the latest trends and whatnot. Tak kisah la kalau I tak pakai sangat pun kasut tu....nampak kotak dia at home pun makes me feel like I'm on top of the moon....yang penting when I want to wear them I got them with me. Heheheeh!

What I love most is the speedy delivery. 

At least speedy delivery was my favourite till yesterday.

Now speedy delivery comes second and on top of the list would be class A customer service!


Alkisah my new shoes got lost in delivery last week. I remember the confused look on my face when I saw the parcel and the thought "takkan dua kotak kasut besar ni je kot parcel" cross my mind. So I immediately emailed their customer service....thinking that its ok la, ada la tu....maybe they'll reply in a day or two and its just not sent ke apa but to my surprise they replied within the hour.


We found out the same day that the shoes are packed in a different parcel which are actually taped together to the first parcel, and I went "what?....okay don't freak out", in which I almost did when I found out that that's the last piece that they carry and they dont have extras for my size so if they can't find it I can kiss my shoes goodbye.

Oh yeah. I was bummed. Rasa nak nanges pun ada. That time regret floods in....why la why la I didn't get the shoes when FV did the pop up store in Damansara Heights, sebab that time berlambak kot stock. Sigh. 

But....the customer service officer was so nice, he/she actually called the delivery guys immediately and got them to look around for the lost item pronto. Agaknya dia tahu kot I macam patah hati dengar kasut tu lost in transit (omg, perhaps its obvious??), but I can see that he/she put extra effort in consoling me and promised that they'll close the case within 2 weeks.

Okayla.....that day I put my faith on him/her considering that FV never failed me before. Plus Vivy is a doll ( situ pulak!).

To my surprise, they revert back on Monday (which was only 5 days since incident day) that they have found the lost items and it's processed for delivery. Now the parcel is safely in my hands. Finally. 


Ini baru dinamakan customer service!

Now I felt like crying because I felt so relieved that its not lost. Last piece ni. Macam orang mengidam nak kempuan. :P

Oooo sappy me.

Anyways, FV team if you're reading this, thank you for the excellent service and keep up the good work. Love love love your stuff! And the over the top service definitely set you apart from the rest.

P/s :  Can you give me first dibs for the new Sofina bag? Hahahaha! Kidding! Sape tak nak dapat first dibs on bags yang sold out within 5 mins?

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