Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here's to inspire everyone to exercise.....

Its Thursday and let me start off by saying that this is effectively the most active week this month so far! Whoever has been following me would notice I did 5km walk run twice this week and did strength training now twice too (one last Monday, and again this morning....phewh!!!!).

Gotta give myself a pat in the back for effort.

Heheeh! Memang baru week 1 pun kan for February....winks....I just hope I can stay active (or better more) for the next 3 weeks.If I can just stay this way for the next 85 days I might just get lucky and turn this routine into a habit.

Today is the first day I dragged myself out of my comfy sheets and hit the gym at 7 in the morning. Oh susah ok. I slept early and snooze my alarm several times but hey times like this bukan level distress lagi dah consider no choice gotta drag myself and hope that soon I can qada tido balik when I reach my fitness goals.

Here's a motivation for today.....

Here's motivation for tomorrow....

Let's do this!

And as a job well done, I have a 2L water infused drink waiting for me at home to toast for a good 5 days! Tak sabarnyeeee. Gonna down the whole lot, hope it taste good coz it has lemons, oranges and apples in it.

Laters! xoxo.

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