Friday, February 21, 2014

It must have been the most forgetful day ever....

Happy Friday anyone!!! What the heck la this girl blogging at 9pm ni kan u say? Obviously orang lain sibuk bersuka ria because its Friday night but then yours truly is obviously stuck in the office. Hari ni sumpah banyak kerja. I nak balik pun rasa macam eeerghhhhh plus there's this meeting at 3pm that took the whole afternoon. Sigh. Ni pun tengah kira kira nak tapau balik kerja because ada report lagi tak siap. I am so not in the mood la bila cakap pasal kerja ni. Sometimes I wish everything can magically do themselves.


Today must be the most forgetful day ever. I almost lost my parking card. Forgot where I park my car (twice!). Almost lost my IC. Left my ID pass in the car during lunch. Can't seem to find anything I need on my desk.

Apa nak jadi ni?

My deskmate had to help me sort out my wallet to find my IC.

Ho yeah phatetic sungguh.

At the end I decided to move my car closer to the exit at 6pm so that I will not end up alone, at B7 carpark, clueless as to where my car was in the middle of the night. Thank God masa I gerak the car there's an empty parking lot betul-betul dekat pintu carpark.


Now I dah pening. Gabra pun ada sebab tak abis kerja lagi. Dah la ofis ni sejuk nak mati.


So much for a weekend.

Takpe la. Gotta do as much as I could and try and pack my bags in an hour or so. Should try to at least sleep before 12 so that I can work again tomorrow morning.

Hope your Friday is way better!


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