Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Me? Vitamin E allergy?

Do you know that one can be allergic to Vitamin E?

Meet yours truly.


I have been having mild eczema for a while. Its nothing unbearable. But tak suka la tengok kulit merah-merah. Thank god its not itchy ke apa kan. Its just that the affected areas tends to dry up - so I kinda have dry skin. Mula-mula ingat wth maybe its tanda within the span of last 3 weeks I tried practically everything including changing my soap and shower gels - I now use QV shower gel and cream - oh love it lots sebab now all my body acne on my shoulders are gone - and for a while the eczema tone down till yesterday....

...dia naik balik.


So I retraced any new habits over the past 2 days and there it is, I found it.....

....I reconsume my Vitamin E.

At first I macam confuse. Dalam hati takkan la.....mana ada orang allergic vitamin kan but then I googled and found out that its pretty common, especially when its in cosmetic products or processed vitamin E. The symptoms are standard of any allergic reaction - rmerah-merah, can be itchy, can develop into hives (ok, mula-mula bila terbaca hives tu I macam omg penyakit apa la ni scary but then hives apparently are only blown up blood vessels. Kalau severe case je baru dapat yang dasyat2 ala ada bintil2 tu)....and it can be treated with over the counter anti-histamine pills like benadryl. Phewh. I menarik nafas lega when I read that.

So tadi tengahari cepat-cepat pi pharmacy.

And within an hour the redness subside.

Syabas bette. Syabas.

Thank God I tak allergic Vitamin C....kalau tak camano nak dapat kulit putih gebu ni?

Hahahaha. Over.

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