Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Long Weekend Had Been Great....How's Yours?

I have been domesticated for the whole 4 day break - simply staying in, reading - I finished 2 books and started a new one, managed to catch up with Tina and her kids as well as my chill babes - good food, even greater company. All of a sudden I realise that I really do miss my girls. It has been a while since all of us had really hung out and I had such a good time, its been a while since I laughed so hard. We have different lives now, with most of us now married - we don't use to hang out after work or on weekends as frequent as we used to. But despite all we picked up exactly where we had left before the moment we're all seated in the same table.


Met Tina for breakfast on Friday with her kids. Oh Tina's kids was sublime. I never met a bunch of kids who are so excited with my very presence. Hahaha! Tina told me Mika screamed the moment he saw my car passed by (oh one very smart kiddo!) and Emmet (who recently turned a year older!) macam pandai-pandai pulak dragged his trolley bag and took a seat next to me when we get to Chawan. Hahahaah. Okay that Emmet is officially my small boyfie. Runtuh jantung gua tengok dia dok kat sebelah. Dah la soon after he chatter away like nobody's business next to me till I gave Tina this one blank look like "seriously, dia cakap apa?".

Oh yeah. Mak dia gelakkan aku sajo.

Mayesa was seated in a babychair next to Tina with a face so blank - ye lah, makcik ni usually tak join breakfast. Usually it was Maryam who joined us. But we get along fine. It never cease to amaze me how we all can get along quite well and have decently civilised breakfast time and time again - I am not a kid person, kids usually don't play well with me. I wonder how I'll take it when I do have one of my own.

Rest, good company and exercise left me in a pretty good mood today as I walk in to office for work. 


Anyways, just sharing my my new choice of cool down song I put on repeat at gym this past 4 days.....




Xuriana said...

I think you are amazing with my kids and they lavvvvv you too. :)

Zuraida said...

Your kids macam exception to general rule. hahahaha!