Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My new e-card website I simply love love love......

I am not the "sending a card" kinda girl - its a tad too sentimental for me. Not that I do not love this stuff - of course macam sweet la kan from time to time to get a card or two , especially for special occasions celebrating something special tapi as I aged there seems less and less occasions that render such things - and sending cards are simply a lux that fade.

Akan tetapi.....

....its kinda chic la kan kalau organise a party and then you send peeps save a date cards, then event day cards and thank you cards kan? Lagi lagi kalau google you find so many beautiful cards that you can share. 

So I decided what the heck. Now that the flights and hotel is finalised, we are already practically 50% there kan. So I browse around countless e-card website and settled at one new favourite.

It has so many chic and trendy free templates to choose from, you can even organise a mailing list and get feedbacks & rsvp for all your e-cards sent.  There are also paid templates, which also looks good. If you like the card design you can even print them out and get it mailed. 


My first attempt ends with Kom's save the date card emailed to 5 other recipients who will be joining for the trip.

Simple yet chic. Just my kinda card.

*please excuse the slight gap at the 3rd line ok....tak perasan. Bila tina point it out baru perasan. Sigh. Next time kena hantar kat tina for proofing before sending them out*


I explore some templates where you can customise and add personal photos too. Oh like like like. Next time boleh try lagi.

Give it a try. You must just like it. Click here to go to the site.


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