Monday, February 10, 2014

Nerves wreck cari hotel utk our Komala's April party.....

My bestie Komala is getting hitched in May. Confirmed.

*hati penuh rasa terharu dan sebak. Jangan salah paham. I'm so happy for her. So ini is the good kind of sebak*

As the years passed by more and more of my besties settle down and of late there are very few of us single gals left. Kinda miss those days when we can spontaneously plan holidays and just hung out till wee hours in the morning like nobody's business....these days kalau nak pergi trip kena plan betul-betul baru sampai destinasi. 


Usually Komala is the head organiser. Dia yang rajin google all the "things to do" and "places to go" or " bars and cafe to visit" and we usually end up in her very capable hands. Seriously, she can google everything. In fact, nak pergi coffee last weekend pun dia ikut list top 10 coffee place in KL.*raise eyebrow*. Tapi to celebrate her last days of being "single" pun takkan nak suruh dia organise kot?

End up yours truly step up to the plate.


In 50 days or so we will be......

.... at the beach.In fact, it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Suwwwittt!!! *imej ehsan google*.


Organising for a group trip is so nerve-wrecking....especially when semua orang are so laid back and carefree and gave the "its ok just book anything" attitude. Sobs. The feeling macam takut ada, serba salah ada, resah gelisah la if its up to me I will bantai ikut sukahati I la kan whenever I wanna go - kalau bajet tight pun sendiri tanggung la kan but when there's like 5 heads tu macam nervous la jugak scout sini sana.

I suppose now I know how Komala feels when she needs to manage us. Like seriously.....dulu dulu lagi ramai okay kitorang, like 7 or 8 at least. Hahahahaha. Omg and she had been doing it for years - since we all get together sometime in 2007. That woman is a superwoman!

I must sound like a pencil-pusher being the kiasu girl whats-app'ing everyone 24/7 just to bug on travel plans - fact just to decide on a hotel is driving me of the edge. I practically spent 2 days going through agoda searching for possible choices, 5 days pushing for an input from people, and when I do get input, another day booking - just to be googleing again for 5 hours before making a booking because my first choice is no longer available.

*cesss ini belum family trip lagi!!! Sigh!!!*

At exactly 12am tadi I finally click the "Book & Pay Now" button in agoda. Phewh. After worrying about where to eat, what to do, will the hotel be near to attractions, is it safe (and the list goes on) for 5 freaking hours.

*oi nak pengsan*

But then now that is over and done with rasa lega pun ada. Lantak ko la labu. Lepas ni billkan sajo. Hahaahah.

Next on the to do list are the things to do. I was thinking of "to just chill and whing it" but then macam tak best la pulak kalau takde rough plan dulu....nanti tak maximise the time there. I think should grab Shahnaz next week and talk about the what to do and the party pack (surprise surprise). Kalau ikut aku lepak tepi pantai the whole trip pun boleh kira holiday dah. Heheheeh. My definition of "chill and wing it".


Things you do for besties. Naik gelabah seminggu pun boleh tersenyum.

What? So which hotel did I book for us?


...hehehe.Tak adventure la kalau bagitau sekarang, Tunggu lagi 50 hari.



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