Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tina's 4M's was at my place and it was crayzeeee......

Tina and her 4M's swing by my place last night and they turn the house upside down. Literally speaking. Hahahaah. Tina brought her kids to my place because she needed to get some stuff from me and since her kids had been singing songs and bugging her to play with the cats so she took them along. I dah bajet dah the kids would be quite excited when I drove home from office and got a text from Tina to rush it because her kids dah bising dah depan pintu pagar.



I asked Tina to park her car outside because it was almost 11pm and usually my condo would charge RM5 overnight parking fees for visitors to park their car inside. I sampai sampai je I see 4 excited faces rushing into the back of my car seat - pastu politely duduk at the back atas lambakan cardi's and jackets. Sukahati kau la nak. Nasib baik ko saiz mini je kan. Tak kisah duduk atas baju or heaps of stuff piling at the back seat.

Masuk masuk rumah je Maqil and Mayesa dah start buat macam rumah sendiri - terus melepak baring atas sofa like nobody's business. That time Bobo and Bambam was in the living room, so they all seronok terus kejar kejar kucing and all. Bambam since to have a thing for Maqil, he let him stroke him and follow him around. Maryam and Mikhail pun sibuk kejar kucing. Once we know the kids are settled down and all good in front of the tv, Tina and I cepat cepat go through my stuff to get the stuff she needed and what not. Ada la sejam jugak. In between that I can hear Maryam's voice asking Ani questions. Havoc sekejap rumah because you can hear the kids outside. Ada sekali tu I think the kids were hungry and they asked my sister if they can have the chocolate bread in her room. Ani says "okay.....ask your mother".

Sampai sudah tak tanya mak dia. Hahahaaha. Takut kot.

Not long after we were done all of a sudden Mikhail pop his head and asked his mom..."bila nak balik ni?"

Hahaha! Amboi. Tau ko dah lambat. Mentang-mentang ko dah puas main kucing tu sibuk pulak nak balik.

On the way to the car the Maryam looked and me and say "auntie zue...esok kita datang lagi!".

I looked at Tina and laughed.

Baikla nak. Nanti ko cakap la ngan your mommy.


Xuriana said...

kak zue,

sepanjang perjalanan balik rumah, they were like,

"Bila nak pg rumah aunty zue lagi?"
"Esok pergi rumah aunty zue lagi ke mummy?"



Zuraida said...

hahahaah. Abis la you....