Monday, February 17, 2014

What I would not give for a hot cup of latte......

 I am at a withdrawal phase because today starts the day when I need to cut sugar (again!).


Its never too late to start a good eating habit (again) and despite countless resets, I simply refuse to give in and simply give up.

But a latte does look nice aite?


Perhaps I should learn to take it without sugar - just for the kick of it. But I love my sugar. Sobs. Macam putus nikmat dunia if suddenly tak dapat makan gula.  Teruk sungguh!. Poor thing without sugar and caffein my brain macam stuck je - tak boleh fikir. Sigh.

Let's just hope this is temporary. Despite the fact that it feels so very permanent.


Okla. Jom jangan layan this monday blues. Tak pasal pasal kang menjadi-jadi pulak. Back to work now.

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