Sunday, February 9, 2014

Working weekend

Its almost 9PM on a Sunday and voila....yours truly is still in the office. Hello hello hello (ala Smash feat Stacy)....yes there is a saying that only orang gila saja kerja on weekends but then you lots know already for quite sometime that I can be that crazy. Alkisah accounts masuk late last Friday and the whole team got called in to finalise numbers so tada!!!! Here we are.....

....that's me one Sub and a baguette later.

Working in a super cold office makes me hungry. And lately my appetite macam mencanak-canak naik. Asyik keje nak makan sajo. Sigh. I think I am stress eating, because I start having difficulty to sleep yesterday. Perhaps partially because of the coffee and cake session with Kom and Shahnaz earlier at Coffee Artisan @ TTDI....

Have u guys give it a try? The cheesecake is out of the world. And the tiramisu is amazing.

Next time boleh datang lagi.


But not everyday. Perhaps on treat days. After two weeks of intese workout.

The whole run & stregth training I have been doing all week had definitely lifted my spirits. It must have been all the good hormones. Even today I manage to squeeze an hour of strength training before going to work and I have to day that despite the whole body burning in (good kind of) pain.....I definitely not feel lethargic. In fact, I feel amazing! And light.

Perhaps partially because of my infused water.

Superb recovery water. H20 infused with apple, orange and lemon. Supposed to also add cucmber and mint but I didn't get to go to the hypermarket for I just pop the three fruits I already have in my fridge. I got it from and I have to say it boost energy and speeds up recovery time....with absolutely zero sugar. Kalau pepagi tu rasa mengantuk penat2 sila ambik air ni .....I bet in 5 minutes mata terus terang benderang and rasa segar bugar. Perhaps good in combatting monday blues that starts in about 3 hours.


Laters. Have a good Monday!


dieya said...

what? you are at work like.. now? why???
i hope it's not gonna be a recurring pattern ya. u gotta take care of yourself babe. get some rest when it's due.
that H2O infused water looks yummy. i'm gonna google the recipe. lately mcm kena paksa diri minum air kosong. perhaps with same fruity taste i won't be dragging myself anymore.

Zuraida said...

Hi dieya....

One can dream but dah setahun dah macam ni....sigh. Macam never ending je....

Anyways, u can get the recipe from