Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sing song la la la la la......

I have to say that I am in a pretty good mood lately. Dunia ini indah all of a sudden. Cheewah!!!*grin like a madwomen!*. Before you guys got any ideas, no...nothing extraordinary happened to me lately and yes, its all because I think I am at a happy place at the moment.

*smile - again*

Work stress obviously tak pernah abis kan, but I notice I am more in tune with myself since I started meditating last weekend. Al kisah we had a short metta practice during the 1 hour BSH session at UpwardYoga last weekend in tribute for MH370- metta practice mainly focusses on yin and breathing , focusing on releasing oneself and meditate on distributing love, not only for or to oneself but also all living being around us. I found the one hour to be very refreshing - its been a while since I manage to shut down all the noises in my head and simply lay still and connect with the inner me so I have been practicing metta guided by a few guru's over YouTube.

Not to worry - no chanting of sorts. Its mostly guided relaxation.

Guess what?

It makes me feel lighter. Happier. More open and susceptible. And thats just what, 4 nights of practice?

I smile more too. And I notice something else, now that my mind is less boggled and I am less tensed up, I am more jovial when I talk to people....and I laughed a lot, like a hell lot this past 4 days. Music makes me happy. I even sing along to my itunes playlist.

So anything new with you guys?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another you

This takes me 18 years back and still give me the same butterflies today as it did then.

Young love. Smile.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday blues :)

It has been very tiring since I came back from Siam Reap - don't get me wrong, I had loads of fun and the days since I got back had been eventful, its just that I felt like I haven't got the time to catch up with proper rest since I came back, with the piling workloads and all.


Still have thousands of pics to edit (since Istanbul.....homai teruk sungguh!)....better get some time to go through it soon otherwise duduk berabuk je la beli that digital photo frame masa kat HK dulu tu. 

Started Monday with a very heavy heart.....super lazy to go to work to a point that I have to drag myself out of bed and keep on pushing till I get to office. But I made it, despite all the excuses I had playing in my head. Bravo bette! Anyway time will fly.....for all you know it'll be Friday and I'll be all psyched to be in KL's most calmest yoga room at Upward Yoga on Saturday.

Ho yeah. Yours truly finally push herself to go back to yoga class. Hahahaha. Banyak la excuse ko kan selama ni. Though its just a breath stretch heal class and I didn't do the handstand coz I still have this fear of breaking my back to pieces because of my currently heavy load.....I manage to do a 2 breath mini crow, hooray hooray!

*crow pose - imej ihsan google*

I didn't get to lift my arms and legs so high but hey, its still lifted and I never manage to nail the pose even for a second before so this is a huge thing.


After the class I went home like a million bucks. See how easy it is to make me happy?


Thinking about it got me all psyched for next Saturday. That's like 4 more days to go.

Till then, happy thoughts.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Mari sambut the weekend with travel pics to Siam Reap.....

To those who have been waiting for my most recent travel pics......you guys should have just checked out my instagram!


Anyways I was swamped with work ever since I got back on Monday (well with trying to rush my dentist appointment, banking, trip to the tailor because apparently they will close orders for baju raya this month....can you belive it?? It's only March la kan!) plus workload (that never never ends....why oh why?) so I kinda not have the time to go and edit the very few publishable photos I have (uhuh...shame on me! tangkap gambar beribu tapi yang boleh kongsi hanya satu?) - hence, the delay in blogging.

But then kalau tunggu lama lama nanti lemau kan??

What the heck.

The night before my flight to Siam Reap I practically didn't get much sleep. We took an early morning flight and the night before I worked till late and had drinks later with Komala at Publika - end up I was only at home at 1am. Me being me bag semua belum pack - so that time mula la panic. I practically took with me almost everything, but still tertinggal a lot of other things. Classic. Sigh. Tapi thank God this time tak tertinggal sunnies and sunblock....kalau tak memang potong la.


By the time I finish packing my ride was already at the lobby to pick me up. 2 hours later me, Nina and Chi (new travel buddy! yeayyers!) flew to Siam Reap and caught one of the most beautiful morning sunrise from our cabin window....

We arrived at 8ish local time - awal la sangat sangat plus super early to start the day. By the time we pass arrival the hotel people was already waiting for us. Checked in early - oh the hotel people sangat baik sebab bagi check in awal so love love love....then later just took a short rest (sebab aku tak tido kot!) and gossip kat bilik till almost lunch at 11ish sthg.

Then we hit the town.

First stop - Old market.

Dasar perempuan. Jumpa tempat shopping mula rambang mata. I got there feeling hungry....tapi terlupa terus dan mampu bertahan for like 3 hours before we actually do sit down in a restaurant for food.

The old market has all the souvie's and whatnot - plus here you can also find a lot of joints selling kain and jewelleries.

Anyways tempat jual jewelleries banyak. So merata la ada jual jewelleries. I suka!

I got some cardholders for my office peeps, silk wallets and jeweelery case for family and close buds and a couple of bangles to start off - ye la takkan first day dah nak borong abis sampai pokai kan? Tapi seriously, kalau suka something sila bargain at 50% to 60% haircut - if you are somewhat lucky maybe you can get rock bottom prices like I did....tapi itu bukan cerita di Old Market.


By 2pm we got hungry, so the tuk tuk driver took us to a Cambodian Muslim restaurant near the mosque area.

Bila lapar semuanya sedap - tapi bolehla makanan dia actually not bad. We had amok chicken (khmer style green curry), fried veggies with omellete. And because its hot its super nice to have coconut but beware, their coconut tak manis, so sometimes they all letak gula.

Lepas makan we stop for desert.....

Oh kesayangan!!!! I love Blue Pumpkin. Its been a year and your ice cream taste just as nice. During our stay we were there almost everyday *winks*. Got crazy over their coconut ice cream, never thought it can taste that good till I saw Nina bought them on the second night. Total bliss.

After ice cream we took the tuk tuk to Tonle Sap. Largest lake in Asia.....if my geography serves me right. The journey was dusty and its not really a smooth ride as we leave mid town for more rural areas....the journey took about 30 minutes across stretches of paddy fields.

Do bring your own mask.

We paid a USD23 fee per head for a boat ride on the lake and got a guide with an Australian accent. Funny, he can speak with an accent as if he studied in oz but he's neither educated nor has he ever set foot out of siam reap ever. The tour guide told us that he was from the floating villages and he pick up english while guiding tourist over the years.

It's a one hour or so ride along the river - they shared the history and the stories behind the villages. Its both interesting and sad - the poverty is overwhelming okay. Some are so poor they bury their dead on trees rather than land sebab the land is so expensive.

Masa masa macam ni rasa sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Pics from Tonle Sap follows....

We left the lake at about 6 - grabbed some stuff at a local mini mart and call it a day because the next day will be even more tiring - our visit to Angkor Wat.


Okay those pics I need to edit because some are super dark, it can use some enhancements.