Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday blues :)

It has been very tiring since I came back from Siam Reap - don't get me wrong, I had loads of fun and the days since I got back had been eventful, its just that I felt like I haven't got the time to catch up with proper rest since I came back, with the piling workloads and all.


Still have thousands of pics to edit (since Istanbul.....homai teruk sungguh!)....better get some time to go through it soon otherwise duduk berabuk je la beli that digital photo frame masa kat HK dulu tu. 

Started Monday with a very heavy heart.....super lazy to go to work to a point that I have to drag myself out of bed and keep on pushing till I get to office. But I made it, despite all the excuses I had playing in my head. Bravo bette! Anyway time will fly.....for all you know it'll be Friday and I'll be all psyched to be in KL's most calmest yoga room at Upward Yoga on Saturday.

Ho yeah. Yours truly finally push herself to go back to yoga class. Hahahaha. Banyak la excuse ko kan selama ni. Though its just a breath stretch heal class and I didn't do the handstand coz I still have this fear of breaking my back to pieces because of my currently heavy load.....I manage to do a 2 breath mini crow, hooray hooray!

*crow pose - imej ihsan google*

I didn't get to lift my arms and legs so high but hey, its still lifted and I never manage to nail the pose even for a second before so this is a huge thing.


After the class I went home like a million bucks. See how easy it is to make me happy?


Thinking about it got me all psyched for next Saturday. That's like 4 more days to go.

Till then, happy thoughts.


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