Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sing song la la la la la......

I have to say that I am in a pretty good mood lately. Dunia ini indah all of a sudden. Cheewah!!!*grin like a madwomen!*. Before you guys got any ideas, no...nothing extraordinary happened to me lately and yes, its all because I think I am at a happy place at the moment.

*smile - again*

Work stress obviously tak pernah abis kan, but I notice I am more in tune with myself since I started meditating last weekend. Al kisah we had a short metta practice during the 1 hour BSH session at UpwardYoga last weekend in tribute for MH370- metta practice mainly focusses on yin and breathing , focusing on releasing oneself and meditate on distributing love, not only for or to oneself but also all living being around us. I found the one hour to be very refreshing - its been a while since I manage to shut down all the noises in my head and simply lay still and connect with the inner me so I have been practicing metta guided by a few guru's over YouTube.

Not to worry - no chanting of sorts. Its mostly guided relaxation.

Guess what?

It makes me feel lighter. Happier. More open and susceptible. And thats just what, 4 nights of practice?

I smile more too. And I notice something else, now that my mind is less boggled and I am less tensed up, I am more jovial when I talk to people....and I laughed a lot, like a hell lot this past 4 days. Music makes me happy. I even sing along to my itunes playlist.

So anything new with you guys?


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