Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No where to hide.....

My face is peeling like nobody's business and it couldn't come at any better time of the year. Rasa macam nak menyorok the whole day pun ada, but then no choice gotta work la kan otherwise how to put food on the table?
Apa da time time macam ni still fikir pasal food?

Hopefully this will go off by tomorrow. I'm not sure if I can survive meeting people this way. Dah la my hair macam haram j je today. :P

Anyways have you guys watched Divergent?

Don't you think Four is cute?

Ho yeah I think he's cute. The story line is nothing impressive though. I was warned by a friend that he doze off 30 minutes through the movie but then I didn't really take it seriously since you know how guys can be in those sort of movies - you can't even expect them to survive through Twilight, you expect them to live through Divergent? Plus its no Hunger Games - at least Hunger Games are more upbeat and action packed. I am so looking forward to the final installment of the Hunger'll be super fun.

But then Four is cute. Beats Peta Mellark.


Still anxious about this peeling skin. Sape la suruh gatal sign up for the IRT thing at this point of time - I have done this 3 years back but then I suppose my dead skin cells were not as much kot because it's not this bad back then. No it is not painful. Just a bit uncomfortable looking like a retard with skin peeling all over her face.Not sure how it became this bad all of a sudden. Pagi tadi tak la teruk macam ni. Within hours je abis terkopek semua.


Breathe, stay calm and carry on.

Now. where to hide again?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Project Happiness

Pagi tadi ukur pinggang turun 1cm - hati berbunga bunga and terus semangat pergi kerja. :P. Apakah?? Tak de makne okay sebenarnya coz everyone knows that I can gain that 1cm in a split second with my eyes closed but then since I started with my own project happiness, who am I to put myself down???

1 cm loss at the waist should be celebrated!!! Weehoo!!!!

I started project happiness based on Gretchen Rubin's book under the same title since the past week or so - not because I am unhappy but so that I can appreciate more of the things I have. I figured if I can't be happy with what I have now, I can never be happy. Maybe this is just as good as it gets. Why depress yourself wanting something more? Now is not that bad. Now is good too. Why am I feeling so lacking?

I may not blog about it (because blogging can be so faux passe....okla....most of the time I malas) but I make a point to hashtag the small things that make me happy on instagram under the tag #mydoseofhappiness. It can be a travel photo (oh I am most happy when I travel....grin) and it can be my fascination over my stacks of bracelets and charms - it might not make anyone else happy, but it makes me happy.

Simple as that.

It can also be my morning berries smoothies.



This might dissapoint some of you. When you read the title mesti ada yang fikir "OMG.....she's on the trail for 30 hari mencari cinta....this must be interesting" but hey, that is so susah to do ok and kalau kena reject selama 30 hari kan ke depressing?


I am still working on my happiness goals....but I think those small changes I made over the past 10 days had helped my mood a lot. So far I incorporated exercise, focus more on myself, reset my beauty regime and working on decluttering - on top of practising my metta meditation at night before I sleep. On the subject of metta meditation - oh boy do I have serious issues with myself because there are times when I felt hard to let go and simply breathe and that I felt like my head is somewhat clouded so I spaced in and out and was unable to focus for a bit.....but my sleeping pattern and quality of sleep is improving. Sigh. Need. More.Work.On.MYSELF.

But lets not get demotivated.

This is just a start.

Life is a journey and these are all speedbumps. Persistence is key.

Those who wish to join come lets share a hashtag on instagram. Would love to see your happy pics.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

When your ex's complain that your fat.....

....brush it off and remind yourself why he's your ex. 


Being me I can't help but still keep in touch with my ex's. Of course, not all my ex's are in talking terms with me but then there are a few whom I kept in touch with. Why you ask? Saje. Just for the fun of it. Sometimes I got bored and who better to talk to then the people you once hold dear? Mind you when we were dating they were practically my besties. At one point of time it seems like we have a lot of things in common.

Of course when you were dating them they don't usually call you fat. Obviously my weight yoyo's a lot over the course of a particular relationship but then they always tell me not to's all okay.

Obviously they were lying la. 


So I was talking to an ex yesterday when he bluntly pointed out that he saw my latest pics and that I'm "bloated and fat". He also added that I am around food a lot and that I should stay away from food till I slim down to an acceptable size.


Okla. I do feel that I am bloated and fat but then having an ex pointed out the obvious to me after months of not talking to each other pushed me over the edge.

But then how do I react?

Because I am no longer dating him, I simply replied "oh, I'll note that. Thanks!".

Civil sungguh. Dalam hati nak je bakar rumah dia. Anyways, in the spirit of Barney Stintson from How I Met Your Mother....I am going to take it positively and scream "Challenge Accepted!".

Now. Ko tunggu la bila aku kurus nanti.