Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No where to hide.....

My face is peeling like nobody's business and it couldn't come at any better time of the year. Rasa macam nak menyorok the whole day pun ada, but then no choice gotta work la kan otherwise how to put food on the table?
Apa da time time macam ni still fikir pasal food?

Hopefully this will go off by tomorrow. I'm not sure if I can survive meeting people this way. Dah la my hair macam haram j je today. :P

Anyways have you guys watched Divergent?

Don't you think Four is cute?

Ho yeah I think he's cute. The story line is nothing impressive though. I was warned by a friend that he doze off 30 minutes through the movie but then I didn't really take it seriously since you know how guys can be in those sort of movies - you can't even expect them to survive through Twilight, you expect them to live through Divergent? Plus its no Hunger Games - at least Hunger Games are more upbeat and action packed. I am so looking forward to the final installment of the Hunger'll be super fun.

But then Four is cute. Beats Peta Mellark.


Still anxious about this peeling skin. Sape la suruh gatal sign up for the IRT thing at this point of time - I have done this 3 years back but then I suppose my dead skin cells were not as much kot because it's not this bad back then. No it is not painful. Just a bit uncomfortable looking like a retard with skin peeling all over her face.Not sure how it became this bad all of a sudden. Pagi tadi tak la teruk macam ni. Within hours je abis terkopek semua.


Breathe, stay calm and carry on.

Now. where to hide again?

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