Thursday, April 10, 2014

When your ex's complain that your fat.....

....brush it off and remind yourself why he's your ex. 


Being me I can't help but still keep in touch with my ex's. Of course, not all my ex's are in talking terms with me but then there are a few whom I kept in touch with. Why you ask? Saje. Just for the fun of it. Sometimes I got bored and who better to talk to then the people you once hold dear? Mind you when we were dating they were practically my besties. At one point of time it seems like we have a lot of things in common.

Of course when you were dating them they don't usually call you fat. Obviously my weight yoyo's a lot over the course of a particular relationship but then they always tell me not to's all okay.

Obviously they were lying la. 


So I was talking to an ex yesterday when he bluntly pointed out that he saw my latest pics and that I'm "bloated and fat". He also added that I am around food a lot and that I should stay away from food till I slim down to an acceptable size.


Okla. I do feel that I am bloated and fat but then having an ex pointed out the obvious to me after months of not talking to each other pushed me over the edge.

But then how do I react?

Because I am no longer dating him, I simply replied "oh, I'll note that. Thanks!".

Civil sungguh. Dalam hati nak je bakar rumah dia. Anyways, in the spirit of Barney Stintson from How I Met Your Mother....I am going to take it positively and scream "Challenge Accepted!".

Now. Ko tunggu la bila aku kurus nanti. 


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