Friday, May 30, 2014


I like the simple life - the kind that you get to wake up in the morning with sun rays falling warmly on your bed, everything so quite and serene.....and the smell of coffee brewing all around the house. The kind where you don't need to rush to be somewhere but simply be - taking your time to spend breakfast across the table facing someone you love and laugh jovially about nothing.

On a perfect day I would get to squeeze in a morning yoga sesh and instead of coffee, blend my favourite smoothie. Simply breathe.

Pure bliss.

There were times when things were quite simple and I simply float. 

I missed those days.Its been a while since I had one of those days.

But then today as I woke up from deep slumber, I floated.


Too bad it was too late for yoga and coffee. But I felt like I am floating.

Still do.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coz superwoman I am not.

Its one of those days I wish I don't have to be in the office but then dengan berat hatinya have to still be in the office anyway simply because.....

....I got 2 invites to JM's annual fashion show.


Akan tetapi.....invitation is to the bridal line. Amboi amboi. JM nak suruh aku kawin cepat agaknya sebab tu instead of couture or RTW (which I adore!), dia invite to bridal.


Belum masanya lagi. Perhaps never but then what the heck. Next time tolong la invite to the RTW line - memang I'll be ready to pre-order straight kot.


Anyways, no luck la coz work trumps everything else and the show was at 3pm. Thanks anyway to the thoughtful JM team for inviting - I hoped my sub had a great time at the show.

*oh the macaroons looks delish! sobs! takpe-takpe. This weekend I go hunt for macaroons!

Anyways got a surprise visit today and among all days harusla hari ni aku dress up macam kapal pecah coz I was late for work this morning. To make matters worse I had no makeup no nothing - ada spare yoga attire je sebab I initially planned to catch up with the after work class today. Thank God I work in Publika. Just gotta love the fact that they have salons at every corner. So at least I got to fix my hair. Takkan nak jumpa orang looking like a trainwreck kan?

Please don't ask me for a before and after picture. The mere thought is super embarrasing. Kan best kalau I ni jenis bangun pagi terus lawa-lawa without breaking a sweat tapi sorry la....itu cerita 5 or 6 years back je la. Ageing is tough. Kalau nak lawa gotta put extra effort. Kalau tak just live with walking around macam tong gas the whole day.


Anyways, it was not all at a lost. I had a great time. :). Its kinda like a nice surprise.

Now gotta get back to work. Tomorrow's Friday and who doesn't love the weekend?



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random babbles

Mini babbles for today :

  • My bestie Komala got married last 17 May in what came up to be one of the most beautiful wedding ever. Hahahah! Okla, at least to me. She was happy, all of us were happy. She look fabulous. I can't help but be envious. But we all love her to bits and this is a happy time for all of us because it has been a while since we got to gather for a whole weekend and catch up. Everyone was there, even Wei Liew!

  •  We went crazy with the monopd - oh ini semua salah Shahnaz. Dah terbeli monopod satu kat JB. :P

  • Omg i look so not flattering but then what the heck - its not my wedding. I had loads of fun though! Loads!
  • Down with cough+flu+fever ever since I got back from JB - that was like what? 2 weeks back? - and it was freaking painful I wish I can just rip whatever it is stuck in my throat out and be done with it. Sobs. The only time I do not cough is when I go for yoga.

  • New yoga space. I like! Went to three classes already and so far I'm good. Finally found a new yoga home. Lets see if I can keep up with this for a while.
  • In between down under the weather and chaotic work schedules I booked a trip to Paris this December. Now gotta plan for 2 weeks in London and Paris and how I can send this year off with a bang!

  • Thank you MAS for being on sale and gosh I am so excited - its been a while since I have a white xmas. Going with my friend Shaz and we plan to just chill like a local, sip cappucinos and eat pastries till we die. Hahahah. And of! Since I might not have the means to shop as much as I want to, I am offering my services as a shopper to whoever wants to pre-order. So if anyone is interested please email/call/whatsapp me - maybe we can arrange for something. Of course, it has to be cash in advance okay and for people who's serious only.

Thats all for now. Laters.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blogging at 3AM from the office.... cray or nay??



I am not alone. There's a whole bunch of us. So I believe this is suppose to be normal.

But to tell you the truth I space out a lot today. I still haven't recovered from the coughing I acquired last weekend - thank God my sister's teh bunga helps in easing off the achy sore throat that comes with the cough.


On another note - my bestie Komala married her long time boyfriend and love of her life last weekend in one of the most happening weddings I have ever attended to. Sure, it was tiring. We drove 3 hours down to JB and rocked the whole weekend - actually strike that and changed to Bangra'd the whole Saturday night - and I just suppose I had too much. Started coughing soon after and till now, haven't subsided. If you want pictures go catch up on instagram coz I am so lazy to upload photos in such an ungodly hour. 


But I am totally happy for her. She's a beautiful bride. I think I had a tinge of envy. But all in all I'm just happy. Everything was great. We all had a great time. All my closest friends were there.


Anyways....been couped up in office till wee hours since Monday because of the upcoming reporting and its cray cray. Crossing my fingers that it'll be over really soon and that I can catch after work yoga tomorrow because hey, this cough needs natural internal heat to go away...perhaps.

Till have sweet dreams!

Nites! Or morning! Or whatevs!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mengharapkan hujan rahmat......

Its Monday and its stressful.

First of, my ultimate sign of stress is showing as bad as the hujan outside - mencurah-curah. I have a few stuff that has been stressing me out. Work is an obvious depression, but I can't really complain because since when does work become easy peasy? 

My house is tunggang-langgang. OMG, I can't believe the amount of clutter I have. My sister being home the whole week last week was a blessing - at least she's been happily cleaning most common areas but my room? I'm back to feeling like I live in a walk in closet and I wonder why I have such a huge bed in the first place....nak jalan around the room pun payah. Nak campak-campak barang tak cukup space. Nak letak additional cupboards pun macam nak kena buang old almari.

Apa nak jadi la dengan aku ni?

The new semester is starting in a week and I have yet to decide on what I want to do next. I felt so lost. Now I start regretting the whole decision to even want to do my postgrad in the first place. Apa la tak pasal-pasal cari bala. What if I drop out? But I never drop out? How can I live with that? Plus I paid my tuition out of my hard earned cash - sanggup ke nak drop out? But then I don't know how I want to move on from here - macam all of a sudden I braindead. Last weekend my course instructor gave me a personal call and reminded me that I am no longer on deferment - she asked me whether I am ready to comtinue and whatnot and by now I should be all geared up with what I want to do - I tried sounding enthusiastic about the whole thing and told her not to worry when in fact I was developing deeper frown lines throughout the whole 5 minutes conversation.

Of late I was put in the position to explain my finances simply because a certain someone fails on a promise. I know, I shouldn't be fussing sebab its suppose to be a small thing....but the thing is I hate it when people start questioning my finances / or put me in the position to be answerable towards my finances, sebab I memang ngam ngam plan what I want and what I need to pay with what I have ; if I have extra I tak kisah la nak tolong but then when we do help with a promise that its due on a certain terms it'll be superb la kan if you can make good on it - takkan la nak explain my cash flow position sebab nak collect kot?

*ok....stress alert*

Tak pasal-pasal abis melayang niat baik aku everytime I stress about it quietly inside. Hopefully God can make me stronger than this. Patience. 

Its chilly to the bone now. The office is freaking cold for a Monday. 

Anyways, tomorrow's PH. Lets just hope that all this will melt away somehow.

You guys have a good one.


Monday, May 5, 2014

On the other women.....

Have u caught the movie yet?

Kalau belum - rugi.

Personally, I enjoyed it more than Spidey. The only thing that excites me in Spidey2 is Jamie Fox (though a total nerd with too much pomade on his hair - still melt my heart) but this movie has loads that made me excited throughout the less than 2 hour show.

For starters - gotta love Cameron Diaz - her girlishness is super infectious. Leslie Mann is funny too - given that her character is suppose to be in shambles but woah the super young Kate Uptown totally blows everyone away.

Despite not having that much line throughout the movie....her screen time is totally maximise with images of bodily perfection....

....okay....too baywatch, not that perfect anyhow...let see what else....

Okay.....that's more like it.

Can u believe that Kate Upton has a 33-25-36 body?


What shocked me most is Nicki Minaj's body. the hell does one end up with such curves??? She rocked it bow down y'all!

Ok enough streotyping women's body. The movie is more than that okay. Its about girls should stick together and that when men cheats, its not necessarily the other women's fault. The husband is too. Sometimes we put the blame too much on third party that we forget our spouses is imperfect. Its also fun to watch how all three women can go along and teach the guy a lesson - though this kinda Madu Tiga moments usually happens in movies than real life. 

Real life can be cruel. Women can be actual bitches. Men then sat down at the side lines laughing at their idiotic women. Which happens to be sad.

We should give ourselves more respect and not let men get the satisfaction of turning us into fools. 

Just saying.

And who knows, if you really put faith in girl power, you might end up making instant friends?

Hahahaha. Wishful thinking. The probability is probably the same as a condom ever gone wrong - 0.01% success rate.

Nevertheless its a good laugh. Definitely a good chick flick since we kick off 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the movies already!