Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blogging at 3AM from the office.... cray or nay??



I am not alone. There's a whole bunch of us. So I believe this is suppose to be normal.

But to tell you the truth I space out a lot today. I still haven't recovered from the coughing I acquired last weekend - thank God my sister's teh bunga helps in easing off the achy sore throat that comes with the cough.


On another note - my bestie Komala married her long time boyfriend and love of her life last weekend in one of the most happening weddings I have ever attended to. Sure, it was tiring. We drove 3 hours down to JB and rocked the whole weekend - actually strike that and changed to Bangra'd the whole Saturday night - and I just suppose I had too much. Started coughing soon after and till now, haven't subsided. If you want pictures go catch up on instagram coz I am so lazy to upload photos in such an ungodly hour. 


But I am totally happy for her. She's a beautiful bride. I think I had a tinge of envy. But all in all I'm just happy. Everything was great. We all had a great time. All my closest friends were there.


Anyways....been couped up in office till wee hours since Monday because of the upcoming reporting and its cray cray. Crossing my fingers that it'll be over really soon and that I can catch after work yoga tomorrow because hey, this cough needs natural internal heat to go away...perhaps.

Till have sweet dreams!

Nites! Or morning! Or whatevs!

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