Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coz superwoman I am not.

Its one of those days I wish I don't have to be in the office but then dengan berat hatinya have to still be in the office anyway simply because.....

....I got 2 invites to JM's annual fashion show.


Akan tetapi.....invitation is to the bridal line. Amboi amboi. JM nak suruh aku kawin cepat agaknya sebab tu instead of couture or RTW (which I adore!), dia invite to bridal.


Belum masanya lagi. Perhaps never but then what the heck. Next time tolong la invite to the RTW line - memang I'll be ready to pre-order straight kot.


Anyways, no luck la coz work trumps everything else and the show was at 3pm. Thanks anyway to the thoughtful JM team for inviting - I hoped my sub had a great time at the show.

*oh the macaroons looks delish! sobs! takpe-takpe. This weekend I go hunt for macaroons!

Anyways got a surprise visit today and among all days harusla hari ni aku dress up macam kapal pecah coz I was late for work this morning. To make matters worse I had no makeup no nothing - ada spare yoga attire je sebab I initially planned to catch up with the after work class today. Thank God I work in Publika. Just gotta love the fact that they have salons at every corner. So at least I got to fix my hair. Takkan nak jumpa orang looking like a trainwreck kan?

Please don't ask me for a before and after picture. The mere thought is super embarrasing. Kan best kalau I ni jenis bangun pagi terus lawa-lawa without breaking a sweat tapi sorry la....itu cerita 5 or 6 years back je la. Ageing is tough. Kalau nak lawa gotta put extra effort. Kalau tak just live with walking around macam tong gas the whole day.


Anyways, it was not all at a lost. I had a great time. :). Its kinda like a nice surprise.

Now gotta get back to work. Tomorrow's Friday and who doesn't love the weekend?



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