Monday, May 5, 2014

On the other women.....

Have u caught the movie yet?

Kalau belum - rugi.

Personally, I enjoyed it more than Spidey. The only thing that excites me in Spidey2 is Jamie Fox (though a total nerd with too much pomade on his hair - still melt my heart) but this movie has loads that made me excited throughout the less than 2 hour show.

For starters - gotta love Cameron Diaz - her girlishness is super infectious. Leslie Mann is funny too - given that her character is suppose to be in shambles but woah the super young Kate Uptown totally blows everyone away.

Despite not having that much line throughout the movie....her screen time is totally maximise with images of bodily perfection....

....okay....too baywatch, not that perfect anyhow...let see what else....

Okay.....that's more like it.

Can u believe that Kate Upton has a 33-25-36 body?


What shocked me most is Nicki Minaj's body. the hell does one end up with such curves??? She rocked it bow down y'all!

Ok enough streotyping women's body. The movie is more than that okay. Its about girls should stick together and that when men cheats, its not necessarily the other women's fault. The husband is too. Sometimes we put the blame too much on third party that we forget our spouses is imperfect. Its also fun to watch how all three women can go along and teach the guy a lesson - though this kinda Madu Tiga moments usually happens in movies than real life. 

Real life can be cruel. Women can be actual bitches. Men then sat down at the side lines laughing at their idiotic women. Which happens to be sad.

We should give ourselves more respect and not let men get the satisfaction of turning us into fools. 

Just saying.

And who knows, if you really put faith in girl power, you might end up making instant friends?

Hahahaha. Wishful thinking. The probability is probably the same as a condom ever gone wrong - 0.01% success rate.

Nevertheless its a good laugh. Definitely a good chick flick since we kick off 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the movies already!

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