Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random babbles

Mini babbles for today :

  • My bestie Komala got married last 17 May in what came up to be one of the most beautiful wedding ever. Hahahah! Okla, at least to me. She was happy, all of us were happy. She look fabulous. I can't help but be envious. But we all love her to bits and this is a happy time for all of us because it has been a while since we got to gather for a whole weekend and catch up. Everyone was there, even Wei Liew!

  •  We went crazy with the monopd - oh ini semua salah Shahnaz. Dah terbeli monopod satu kat JB. :P

  • Omg i look so not flattering but then what the heck - its not my wedding. I had loads of fun though! Loads!
  • Down with cough+flu+fever ever since I got back from JB - that was like what? 2 weeks back? - and it was freaking painful I wish I can just rip whatever it is stuck in my throat out and be done with it. Sobs. The only time I do not cough is when I go for yoga.

  • New yoga space. I like! Went to three classes already and so far I'm good. Finally found a new yoga home. Lets see if I can keep up with this for a while.
  • In between down under the weather and chaotic work schedules I booked a trip to Paris this December. Now gotta plan for 2 weeks in London and Paris and how I can send this year off with a bang!

  • Thank you MAS for being on sale and gosh I am so excited - its been a while since I have a white xmas. Going with my friend Shaz and we plan to just chill like a local, sip cappucinos and eat pastries till we die. Hahahah. And of! Since I might not have the means to shop as much as I want to, I am offering my services as a shopper to whoever wants to pre-order. So if anyone is interested please email/call/whatsapp me - maybe we can arrange for something. Of course, it has to be cash in advance okay and for people who's serious only.

Thats all for now. Laters.


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