Friday, May 30, 2014


I like the simple life - the kind that you get to wake up in the morning with sun rays falling warmly on your bed, everything so quite and serene.....and the smell of coffee brewing all around the house. The kind where you don't need to rush to be somewhere but simply be - taking your time to spend breakfast across the table facing someone you love and laugh jovially about nothing.

On a perfect day I would get to squeeze in a morning yoga sesh and instead of coffee, blend my favourite smoothie. Simply breathe.

Pure bliss.

There were times when things were quite simple and I simply float. 

I missed those days.Its been a while since I had one of those days.

But then today as I woke up from deep slumber, I floated.


Too bad it was too late for yoga and coffee. But I felt like I am floating.

Still do.

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