Monday, June 23, 2014

Happiness is.....

Coming home at 1am in the morning to this....

Oh yes. Please come home.

You can't imagine how much I miss my chatterbox.


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Normally I celebrate my birthday far far away from the office. Preferably I would love to wake up on an island/next to the beach (Koh Samui 2012, Bali 2013) simply because I love the sound of the waves. The sun makes me extra happy because who doesn't love a sunny day and coconut water? Blue sky, blue water, white sand - screams perfect even when there is absolutely no one around.

This year I got my beach vacay a couple of days earlier and spent my first minute being 33 in my office rushing papers. The day before was super cray and I was running around like a mad women, but the moment the clock turns 12 and I that one long awaited message came in to my inbox I simply flip.

"Happy Birthday Baby"

Who would have thought 3 words can make your day turn around 360 degrees?

It was 2am before I get to leave the office and by 830am I was already back at my desk - thanks to my crazy chill babes who woke me up to buzz on birthday plans. Sangat timely. Macam tau-tau je I can't be late for work yesterday.

There was no free-lounging morning with just a book and great coffee yesterday - its simply just another hectic day - but what amazes me is that all the people I cared for either called or directly texted me all day. Even those who had not been in touch for a year all of a sudden rang me. Too bad all I can muster was "thanks! but I'm in the middle of something, can I rain check and call you back?".

Thanks loves. It was a really busy day. I was so sorry that I had to cut the calls short but seriously, was so tied up. If its my run-of-the-mill-usual-bday's I would have loved to chat more.

I left my desk at 9pm to have dinner with Shaz and Salmi. 

Nevertheless, I didn't feel any short of love and blessings. Yesterday had definitely been a happy day for me.

Thank you everyone for all the love.

So now lets rock another year.


Friday, June 13, 2014

I make the worse coffee ever - seriously!

What I wouldn't give for a good cup of coffee?

I personally have a few morning rituals to kick-start my day. I love quiet mornings - so no music blasting from my stereo, just a lot of light and peace. Sing my heart out in the shower (seriously, it makes me feel good. I picked up the habit when I started reading Project Happiness and I found that humming a tune or two in the shower helps lift my mood). On good days I even dance in the shower. *grin*.  Bug my sister to iron my work clothes. I suppose I can't do that much longer now that she's getting married. Sobs. Soak in the sun on the drive to work.  Oh yes, there is always sun (okay mostly - these days it doesn't rain that much. I hate it when it rains in the morning!). Don my sunnies while I listen to my radio/ipod.

But what really makes my day is my morning coffee.

I am super blessed that the tealady at office layan me everyday and bring me coffee good enough to my liking that I feel good all day. In fact she took a cup to me twice a day - one in the morning and one after lunch. Oh ho before you go you bolehla dapat macam tu, you're the boss....stop it....I am not the boss. I am just another employee in a huge office that happens to be lucky to have a nice tealady who brings me coffee twice a day.

But then on days when the tealady was not around or busy with something else (like big meetings or whatnot), I am left to fend for myself.

Like today.


I can never figure out the right coffee-sugar-condensed milk combo that gives that right taste. Sometimes I have to do it twice before its even drinkable.


Times like this I would die and go for a Starbucks run but then banyak nak mati kerja kat ofis.

Huge sobs.

Anyways, don't even let me start about my cooking. By now I suppose I have lost all hope coz I have set aside the cooking goddess in me for so long - its just gonna be an unnecessary evil to make me cook a dish. Someone might die. Seriously. Coffee pun fail.

Oh kakak tealady cepatla balik ofis.

On the bright side its Friday and I am meeting my mamooshka Nina for lunch and heading to the beach for the weekend with Shaz and Salmi. Grin. This is almost an annual event already for us...we should label it balik kampung or something. Sun, sand and water - what more could I ask for?

Oh perhaps no work? Hahahaah. Nanges okay, bawa kerja pi pantai. Oh it looks hip okay with laptop and all kat tepi beach but hey tak seronok okay analyse numbers panas-panas macam tu.


Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


*when you work in Publika you get to enjoy art every day*

Oh my.....can't wait for the weekend to start. Was talking to Tina just now and we made plans for tea on Sunday (*love!*)......dah lama dah tak jumpa her 4m's - rindu pulak kat maqil. Hahahaah. Oh among the 4 I memang attached to maqil sikit - he's like my banana leaf buddy during weekend breakfast because he always sat next to me and shared my food. Siap suap-suap and all - memang my chenta hatilah hahahaah! But then its nice to have all 4 around - with the kids growing up so fast memang hillarious okay having them at the breakfast table.

For a moment, I felt like I can have kids too. Tapi after that seems bleak and impossible balik.


Temporary feeling. Heheheh. Pinjam anak orang kejap.

Publika is having an art exhibits all around the building in association with Nando's - they have paintings hanged all over as well as displayed at the center court area. Took some time admiring them during lunch hour today, because I always love staring at a good painting. I can do that for hours ok. I remember when I was in Bali I am amongst the happiest to jump from one art house to another in Ubud - and spent hours (perhaps kalau accumulate all hours in total - maybe days) just admiring a painting after another. Of course the painting was not from anyone famous - but then I love mix of colors. I always felt that it speaks to me. Some of them speaks so loud I can get crazy dreaming over it for days.

So working in Publika is definitely a blessing because there is never a shortage of art supply all year round.

Najwa Mahiaddin is playing a showcase in Alexis on Saturday and Nikki's having a full moon for her newborn baby Tyraah. I suppose its a weekends among friends then.


The morning where it all felt so good I bought too many pairs of shoes at whim :p

My morning was perfect!

Amboi. Tetiba je ceria tak tentu pasal. It was raining during my drive to office but then I am such in a good mood I was singing along to Yuna's nocturnal track like its a beautiful sunny day - ones where shades are required sans the shades.

I was all geared up to start work but then I felt the need to buy new shoes.


Susah jadi perempuan ni. Sigh. And since Kiss & Tell just came up with the delicious Chloe flats I thought....what the heck? Its just 89 bucks.

I end up buying 3 flatties and 2 heels.

So much for self restraint. Have to remind myself not to shop online when I'm having a high.

Alas, shoes will be here by early next week (because it'll take 3 working days). Perhaps just in time. Then I don't have to rely on my pink jelly shoes.

Back to work! Time at work is only berkat if we put honest hours to it.

Love & light peeps!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scream and shout coz in less than 2 weeks we are going back to that one place on earth that I Iove most......

.....white sand. Blue water. A very very very sunny day. 


Nothing beats lazing around all day by this white sandy beach. I can catch up with some new albums I just bought from Itunes (oh my, my new fave is Christina Perri and Mariah Carey - and how crazy is it that I have Be My Forever in repeat the whole day? Its so catchy okay!)  and my Project Happiness book that has been set aside for a while.

The whole thing was a spur of the moments - thanks to Shaz yang dah tak tahan with city life. Hahahaah! Well frankly speaking you can't take the beach out of the beach bum for too long because eventually the heart will want what the heart wants. I suppose I leaped over the idea because it seems like the last holiday I will ever get to take before puasa/Ani's wedding/year end craze start - sedar tak sedar it is already half year past and I still have a lot of things to do - like papers to submit (sigh!), a house to re-organise, a sister to give away (not that I need to do much work, akak dia a bit detached di sini), among others.

Till I whisk myself away, metta meditation should help calm my nerves. For now.

Oh yes, there are times when I get the nerves. This is one of it. With work piling like cray cray and as I get more and more worried with my papers - the nerves just got worse and worse.

Oh yes ditto still at the office. :P


Love and light!

Monday, June 2, 2014

De-stress weekend!

One thing I love about alexis is that they have good jazz singers on weekends that you just can't miss.


Time flies and voila its almost mid year already (oh happy June people!!!! la la la la la!) so just to blow off some steam I got a few friends to join me for music and food at alexis ampang.

Evie and friends were on that night. Oh my god. That woman has quite a strong voice. Love love love. And she sang my favourites -  like You Don't Know Me ....... I was practically singing along.

Of course, good food helps with the super good mood too!


My friend ordered the potatoes I have to say its pretty awesome. Never ordered them myself but I am glad we shared.

Good mood is infectious in a way. Still feeling on top of the world when I woke up this morning.


Laters peep. You have a good week.