Thursday, June 19, 2014


Normally I celebrate my birthday far far away from the office. Preferably I would love to wake up on an island/next to the beach (Koh Samui 2012, Bali 2013) simply because I love the sound of the waves. The sun makes me extra happy because who doesn't love a sunny day and coconut water? Blue sky, blue water, white sand - screams perfect even when there is absolutely no one around.

This year I got my beach vacay a couple of days earlier and spent my first minute being 33 in my office rushing papers. The day before was super cray and I was running around like a mad women, but the moment the clock turns 12 and I that one long awaited message came in to my inbox I simply flip.

"Happy Birthday Baby"

Who would have thought 3 words can make your day turn around 360 degrees?

It was 2am before I get to leave the office and by 830am I was already back at my desk - thanks to my crazy chill babes who woke me up to buzz on birthday plans. Sangat timely. Macam tau-tau je I can't be late for work yesterday.

There was no free-lounging morning with just a book and great coffee yesterday - its simply just another hectic day - but what amazes me is that all the people I cared for either called or directly texted me all day. Even those who had not been in touch for a year all of a sudden rang me. Too bad all I can muster was "thanks! but I'm in the middle of something, can I rain check and call you back?".

Thanks loves. It was a really busy day. I was so sorry that I had to cut the calls short but seriously, was so tied up. If its my run-of-the-mill-usual-bday's I would have loved to chat more.

I left my desk at 9pm to have dinner with Shaz and Salmi. 

Nevertheless, I didn't feel any short of love and blessings. Yesterday had definitely been a happy day for me.

Thank you everyone for all the love.

So now lets rock another year.


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