Thursday, June 5, 2014


*when you work in Publika you get to enjoy art every day*

Oh my.....can't wait for the weekend to start. Was talking to Tina just now and we made plans for tea on Sunday (*love!*)......dah lama dah tak jumpa her 4m's - rindu pulak kat maqil. Hahahaah. Oh among the 4 I memang attached to maqil sikit - he's like my banana leaf buddy during weekend breakfast because he always sat next to me and shared my food. Siap suap-suap and all - memang my chenta hatilah hahahaah! But then its nice to have all 4 around - with the kids growing up so fast memang hillarious okay having them at the breakfast table.

For a moment, I felt like I can have kids too. Tapi after that seems bleak and impossible balik.


Temporary feeling. Heheheh. Pinjam anak orang kejap.

Publika is having an art exhibits all around the building in association with Nando's - they have paintings hanged all over as well as displayed at the center court area. Took some time admiring them during lunch hour today, because I always love staring at a good painting. I can do that for hours ok. I remember when I was in Bali I am amongst the happiest to jump from one art house to another in Ubud - and spent hours (perhaps kalau accumulate all hours in total - maybe days) just admiring a painting after another. Of course the painting was not from anyone famous - but then I love mix of colors. I always felt that it speaks to me. Some of them speaks so loud I can get crazy dreaming over it for days.

So working in Publika is definitely a blessing because there is never a shortage of art supply all year round.

Najwa Mahiaddin is playing a showcase in Alexis on Saturday and Nikki's having a full moon for her newborn baby Tyraah. I suppose its a weekends among friends then.


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