Monday, June 2, 2014

De-stress weekend!

One thing I love about alexis is that they have good jazz singers on weekends that you just can't miss.


Time flies and voila its almost mid year already (oh happy June people!!!! la la la la la!) so just to blow off some steam I got a few friends to join me for music and food at alexis ampang.

Evie and friends were on that night. Oh my god. That woman has quite a strong voice. Love love love. And she sang my favourites -  like You Don't Know Me ....... I was practically singing along.

Of course, good food helps with the super good mood too!


My friend ordered the potatoes I have to say its pretty awesome. Never ordered them myself but I am glad we shared.

Good mood is infectious in a way. Still feeling on top of the world when I woke up this morning.


Laters peep. You have a good week.

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