Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scream and shout coz in less than 2 weeks we are going back to that one place on earth that I Iove most......

.....white sand. Blue water. A very very very sunny day. 


Nothing beats lazing around all day by this white sandy beach. I can catch up with some new albums I just bought from Itunes (oh my, my new fave is Christina Perri and Mariah Carey - and how crazy is it that I have Be My Forever in repeat the whole day? Its so catchy okay!)  and my Project Happiness book that has been set aside for a while.

The whole thing was a spur of the moments - thanks to Shaz yang dah tak tahan with city life. Hahahaah! Well frankly speaking you can't take the beach out of the beach bum for too long because eventually the heart will want what the heart wants. I suppose I leaped over the idea because it seems like the last holiday I will ever get to take before puasa/Ani's wedding/year end craze start - sedar tak sedar it is already half year past and I still have a lot of things to do - like papers to submit (sigh!), a house to re-organise, a sister to give away (not that I need to do much work, akak dia a bit detached di sini), among others.

Till I whisk myself away, metta meditation should help calm my nerves. For now.

Oh yes, there are times when I get the nerves. This is one of it. With work piling like cray cray and as I get more and more worried with my papers - the nerves just got worse and worse.

Oh yes ditto still at the office. :P


Love and light!

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