Thursday, June 5, 2014

The morning where it all felt so good I bought too many pairs of shoes at whim :p

My morning was perfect!

Amboi. Tetiba je ceria tak tentu pasal. It was raining during my drive to office but then I am such in a good mood I was singing along to Yuna's nocturnal track like its a beautiful sunny day - ones where shades are required sans the shades.

I was all geared up to start work but then I felt the need to buy new shoes.


Susah jadi perempuan ni. Sigh. And since Kiss & Tell just came up with the delicious Chloe flats I thought....what the heck? Its just 89 bucks.

I end up buying 3 flatties and 2 heels.

So much for self restraint. Have to remind myself not to shop online when I'm having a high.

Alas, shoes will be here by early next week (because it'll take 3 working days). Perhaps just in time. Then I don't have to rely on my pink jelly shoes.

Back to work! Time at work is only berkat if we put honest hours to it.

Love & light peeps!

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