Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Closet raid

Today pergi ofis bajet ayu.Ada iftar company after work today and takkan nak pergi iftar pakai the normal day to day wear. Scrambled through my baju kurung wardrobe dengan harapan that I don't outgrow my old baju kurung - I seriously need a nice one for today's company iftar and sumpah tak kuasa la nak pergi hunting baju baru. I know I have tonnes of presentable baju kurung and kebaya from the past and I usually don't wear tradional dresses to work. But then kalau ada yang fit to satu bonus. Gaining weight is a bitch. Depressing okay nak shopping time time badan naik ni. Everything is not a nice fit. The dreadful feeling masa masuk fitting room tu tak payah cerita la. Kalau boleh nak lari balik je rasanya.


Anyways, good news. Found a modern kurung kerawang circa 2012 and guess what, it fits perfectly. I remember 2 months back kain dia ketat nak mati. Seriously. It felt like a burden is lifted. Cepat-cepat selfie. Hahahaah. Saiko punya perempuan pagi pagi dah merempan. But then hati berbunga-bunga, because if I can fit in this I may be able to fit in some of my kebaya. 


Should try them later tonight.

My mood was so good today I decided to go minimalist with accessories (yeah, no elaborate arm candies) and just done the kurung with a simple simulated diamonds I got from Lovisa's sale yesterday. It was on buy one free one and I thought it'd be nice to wear for Ani's wedding next month, but then still need to try it out to check whether I can survive beyond 4 hours with it sebab my sensitive skin can't take some type of metals kalau tak naik rashes.

Pic on insta. Malas nak upload kat blog sebab my lappy macam went nuts and lately susah nak mati nak view pics. Boohoo.

Well its 3 days to the next weekend! One that I am so looking foward to.




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