Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh sejak bila la zuraida listens to French songs ni?

Posted a tweet in french and kena sound by shasha....

I suppose kalau orang tak tau french pun nampak 2 perkataan kat atas tu je dah start buat kesimpulan.



Anyways, don't be too fast to draw into conclusion pare.

*tetiba je masuk bahasa ibunda tagalog*

Was listening to Lara Fabian's "Je'taime" on Youtube and that statement is simply the last sentence in the song which simply means "you know, I love you for who you are".

Kalau silap sila salahkan google translate.


Why I posted it on my timeline?

Simply because I think its fitting that we love someone for who they are. Usually when we are into someone there's always a why, and what, and how.....but with all the whys and whats and hows comes expectations, limitations - which makes a lot of things complicated.

Love like a 5 year old. Simple. No judgement.


Just as it is.

Listen up. The track is quite cool.


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