Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On being wasteful and crappy food

A friend had her iftar in IKEA yesterday and posted on FB the food people wasted at yesterday's ramadhan buffet.

*pinjam gambar eh shaz....*

Seriously....since when did we come to this?

Just because we paid for it doesn't mean that we should take more than what we could eat. The concept does initially spells out as "eat-all-you-can" not "waste-all-you-can". In some places restauranteur charges patron on unfinished excesses - perhaps we should practice them locally now. We manage to embrace recycling every weekends now, why not penalty on the wasteful?


Actually I totally understand gluttony. I use to remember those days when I was so tamak I eat everything at whim. Terasa sikit je terus nak makan. Sebab tu la hmmm. Okay enough. But then as I age I realise that I don't need to be tamak. Sebab seriously good things come in small portions. Its when you get to take your time and savor the taste that you can truely appreciate what is in front of you. Plus I found out that my appetite macam dah tak berapa nak menjadi-jadi, so takde la gila sangat dah nak frequent buffet tables because I simply can't eat as much anymore. 

Knowing your limitations and responding to it is a wise thing. What if the situation is reversed and you can only look at the food that is wasted (like all the cleaners do after the gluttonfest is held) then baru tahu kot how senseless all this can be.


I barely eat out since Ramadhan started. Not that I don't want to. I tried to catch up with yoga, so I try not to each so much pre-workout so I don't experience gag-fest at downward facing dog. The other half of the time I was just tired. So I dropped by the nearest pasar ramadhan on the way home, grab something to go and head straight back home so I can nap before I had my breakfast.

Sometimes I doze off till way after buka puasa. Teruk betul.

I tried to just stick to one main and one kuih. At the moment there is just me at home since Ani is away, so kalau ada extra macam sayang je takde orang makan.

In some way I think I got lucky. I hear some of my friends complain of bad food at pasar ramadhan's but then so far I get to have good ones. Like yesterday's laksa. So sedap. And the portion is bountiful, I rasa menyesal beli dua (sebab sometimes at some stall one portion is too little, so I bought two). The samosa I got from an uncle in Penchala's pasar ramadhan is also the yummiest I had all week. And its just 40 cents per piece.


Perhaps bila tak tamak tuhan bagi makan sedap sikit.


Just saying.

Hari ni ada plans nak buka kat Tony Romas with the SapKenc guys. Oh ribs.



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