Wednesday, July 2, 2014


3 am and I am still awake.... Tomorrow is a working day as usual....but the whole shifting of schedule during Ramadhan is fast affecting my sleeping patterns. The fact that I am experiencing airfluxs throughout the day is not helping. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that all this will go off pretty soon , sebab seriously I have stuff to do and having major headache throughout the day and not being able to run for painkillers (or coffee) is super depressing.

The only thing that had been buffering the impact of airfluxs and insomnia is yoga. At least after class I get to feel peace and finally get some sleep. Otherwise macam hari ni la.....past 12 and I am still awake and fidgety.I would have gone to class if my body was not tired after back to back classes from saturday to monday. And of course the migrain. Yeah, have been having migrain all morning. Rasa nak terbalik dunia ni. Sobs. 

KL is hot as ever. Rasa macam dalam oven pun ada. The AC at home needs work done. Macam lately the air is not as cool....not sure if its just me. Thank God malam ni hujan *love!* so the weather becomes bearable. I think my body had become too heaty to a point I am having bacne on my shoulders. I simply thought I have resolved my bacne issues when I found QV but hell no, its back. Made me feel like a teenager balik. The only thing that makes it look invisible is the fact that my skin is slightly tan so takde la perasan sangat merah-merah. 


Gotta do something about it.

At the bright side, despite all odds, I have a lot to be grateful for. Among others, I find solace in my yoga practice this past month. The new studio I frequent in DP has filled the void I have been missing since Beyoga was shut down a couple of years back, and I felt much fun and love practicing my chaturanga's there I am practically doing a 4 day week practice now! Pat on the shoulder for a job well done. 


And because of practice, practice and clothes seems to fit better now. I am psyched. Hopefully in 2 to 3 months time I can crack open my boxes of size 10 to 12's I set aside a few months back. Oh yes, wishful thinking, We all gotta have faith no? Should not give up.


Found a brand of super comfy colorful tights for yoga in my size. Muahahahah! Love love love. Now no need to envy tara stiles, laura sykora and akgannon for having cool yoga pants.....I can get mine from liquido which is easily available in Malaysia. *love*.

Can't wait for Ramadhan to end coz gonna be tagging along some people back to the islands!




Ok thats too much happy at 3am. Okla, gonna be 4am soon. Baik sahur and catch some snooze. Don't want eyebags to show for tomorrow.


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