Friday, July 4, 2014

Raya wishlist

How time flies. Its almost a week through fasting month and people are already buzzing about langsir raya and kuih raya and baju raya. I don't know why I tak feel sangat nak raya tahun ni. Nak balik kampung pun tak excited. I shared my potentially raya plans of running back to KL immediately on the first day after all the customary first day raya thingy's are all out of the picture with a friend recently and he went...

"what? serious? then how to catch up with the latest gossip?"

When you are the subject of the gossip you won't want to be there when they are talking about it honey.

Especially if we are to repeat what's happened last year.


But I have been working on my heart chakra lately. Who knows I can grow one big enough to be more accepting to others by the end of Ramadhan. So far my zen is not there yet and I am a sceptic. If you ask me I think I'll be way happier spending raya with my girls in KL....but that's just me. It won't make many people happy. Especially my mom. And we don't want that do we?

I still haven't sent my baju raya to the tailors. Somewhere in the third room lies about 5 pasang of kain baju kurung just screaming to be turned into a piece. I remember one of it is the soft purple/pink kain I got from Siam Reap recently. I am totally clueless now over what I should do. At this juncture its so much easier to just walk into a boutique and purchase a ready-to-wear ensemble. Who knows I might get lucky. Gotta admit I have an eye on some nice babies recently launched by local designers but then seriously, the price tag is hefty. I am not so sure I wanna splurge so much for a day I am having mixed feelings on. 

And to think that I will only be wearing it for ONE day.


Maybe I should just recycle my Jovians from last year. Some of them my mom tak pernah nampak pun I pakai.


Anyways, given my recent fad for yoga I think they money contemplated to be spent on baju raya might be put to better use if.....

1. I get new yogitoes

Ho yeah. Thats a dream come true. A new yoga mat towel.

I have one now that I have been using for the past 5 years (oh yes, it has been 5 years since I discovered yoga) and that manduka towel mat never failed me. But then since I frequent the studio 3-4 times a week these days, perhaps its a good time to invest in a second one. Nanti boleh alternate. Kan?

2. Buy more liquido leggings

Aint it look divine?

Acquired one recently just to try it out and it is so comfy, kalau boleh I wanna buy 10 terus.


But that will be too much. Each pants cost about RM200ish plus. In which macam a splurge la kalau all of a sudden beli in bulk.

I'll settle with another pair in the short term. Perhaps nanti put it on my wishlist to hunt for more at year end.

Wishful thinking.

But then was at BSC just now during the mid day break and oh my, there's a lot of nice stuff to don for raya. The rtw's and accessories are simply to die for.

Both in terms of looks and in terms of ability to skin my purse.


For the time being lets just KIV everything. Don't wanna spoil my mood thinking about raya expenses. It is after all a time to reflect, not a time to show off.

In which case more votes goes to yogitoes and liquido leggings.

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