Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2 hour traffic to work? No kidding.

Slept a good 12 hour sleep last night and it was amazing.

I woke up chirpy and light as a bird. As I hit the showers I can hear music in my ears and all of a sudden I am belting an unfamiliar tune at the top of my lungs.

The title of the song doesn't even cross my mind. I was just swept away by the music playing in my head and only realise that I am doing a reindition of a KRU oldie when I hit....

"mungkin tak selalu ku lafaz cinta, tak selalu berganding mesra yang kau pinta, membuat hatimu hingga mengalir air mata....."

....hmmm, sad song on a happy morning. Ironic. But the music in my head feels good. It doesn't feel sad at all.


I was sent back to earth after having to endure 2 hours on the road in Damansara-Subang-Solaris drive.I made an arrangement to send my submission by hand to my mentor this morning at the Subang airport and the traffic was out of the world crazy. Seriously, how on earth do Subang people go to work in KL everyday in all that traffic? Its practically not moving en route to KL, its just insane.

Kan best kalau boleh jalan je pergi kerja. No traffic. No hassle. Just morning air. 

Ni tak. Dah la traffic jam, construction left and right. I heard the MRT beam under construction somewhere in Kota Damansara fell of the rails (err rails? ke track? ke runtuh macam tu je? betul ke?) the other day and that there were casualties - indirectly maybe I pun a casualty jugak sebab the mishap somehow may have contributed to the bad traffic today, wallahualam la kan.

Arrived at work at 9.45am. With the reasssignment of cubicles at work thats bad bad news. 

Gotta make an effort to walk in earlier next time.

Its mid week. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. Gotta clean my crib and run errands all weekend and I am psyched. 



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