Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bersiaran di awal pagi :P

Woke up at 6am today so that I can beat the jam and make it to work early.


Kalau everyday macam ni memang terbaik la, boleh dah buat habit practice ashtanga mysore pagi pagi before work. But then you know hangat hangat tahi ayam je. Nanti in a couple of days I balik la to the snoozing my alarm till 8ish routine macam biasa. My bed is just too hard to resist in the mornings.


I was at my desk by 8.15am. Ambik kau! Yesterday when I walked in slightly late the department secretary happily announced to the whole department " Zuraida! 9.45!" and I can only muster a red face and a half decent smile. Oh macam tu eh.....tengok ye.....nanti later dia masuk I nak buat the exact same thing....buat announcement.


Okay dalam hati takde niat kejam. Believe me. Ni saja suka main-main.

Its gonna be a long day today.

My boss is away today, so I plan to declutter and recollect on what is due and get it all done. Then there's 730 pm yoga today, in which I don't plan to skip since I haven't been practicing since Monday. Satu hal pulak kalau nanti weekend comes and I start tak boleh nak catch up lagi coz I didn't practice.

Oh and my baby sis is gonna be married on the 30th!!! I'm psyched. Its been long awaited.  I am so proud of my baby sis, she manage to deal with all the bridezilla thingy on her own. I asked her if she needed help but she seems to be hands on with everything and she says its her kakak got to chill and just float around like the bride. Hahahahaah. The kakak chilled too much to a point that she realised that she haven't sent her baju to the tailor, found out when she wanted to do so last week she actually don't know where she misplaced the kain to be tailored and called her mom yesterday on a hissy fit of a potential wardrobe malfunction on her baby sis's wedding sebab she may have nothing to wear. Classic. Orang lain yang kawin orang lain yang gelabah. I don't know what will happen on my own wedding day. I surely didn't get a hang of it preparing for it the last time and I think over the years I have developed my own kind of phobia about wedding days myself. Sigh. Perhaps thats why I need a super cool baby sis. Nanti when the time comes I just sub everything je kat dia. Muahahahahah. Then I chill, macam sekarang.


If only la kan that could ever happen.  

Now I am staring at the bottom right of my laptop screen and the watch shows.....8.53am.

Oh my. Lamanya nak 5.30pm.

Hari baru bermula.

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