Monday, August 25, 2014


My face is peeling like nobody's business since last Friday. Whoever can fall in love with me in this state is definitely a keeper because seriously, I can't be more fugly than this (kata saya). I have been trying to avoid meeting anyone at all the whole day today but then nak dijadikan cerita my department threw a makan-makan during lunch hour and I end up meeting practically everyone during the makan-makan session. 



I just hope that the whole thing will blew off by Friday and everything will go back to normal again before my sister's wedding this weekend. Masak la kalau the face is still peeling during the wedding day - there is no way I can cover it up with make-up - tak kisah la makeup tahap pro macam mana pun. Sobs. 

I still haven't got the time to color my hair, but doing my hair seems pointless now that I look like a wreck. Perhaps I should just schedule an appointment for Wednesday and see how it'll pan out. Kalau malas tak payah pergi.Worse case I'll just buy a box of color and get my mom to help me out on Friday night, the night before the wedding itself. Mi will kill me. Sobs. Dah bertahun kot tak pakai over the counter stuff. But then dah terdesak sangat sangat dah ni. 


Lots of things to do. So lil time.

Have a great week ahead peeps.

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