Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I.........I'm hooked on a feeling!!!

Have you seen Guardians of The Galaxy yet???

I only have one word for it...and the word is simply AWESOME.


Tak percaya?

Have a go at the trailer.

I never thought I would like it. But the script was funny, there's a lot of action and the soundtrack is infectious.

To be frankly speaking they are not belting new tunes. The awesome mix (as labelled in the movies) are simply oldies but I have to admit its a bunch of my favourite oldies.

I liked it so much I got super excited to find the soundtrack on Itunes and without a second thought, clicked "Buy Now".

Best. Purchase.Ever.

Next on my to watch list is of course Step Up All In - being a fan of all three previous installations of the franchise, of course I'm psyched to catch the ultimate battle.

I can't say a thing about the latest Step Up movie till I watch it myself but here's a shout to the original who made me fall in love over and over again....

Channing Tatum as always....very hot.

Who would not fall in love with that?

Here's to another great week.

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