Thursday, August 21, 2014

Melissa Shoes? Anyone?

Being a girl, I have a thang for fashion - be it make up, clothes, accessories - of course I have a thang for shoes as well. Who wouldn't love something that makes you feel hot when you strut that cute dress around? Extra inches to make you feel supermodel tall? check! Extra lift to make your ass looks saucy? Check! Heels so thin its a crime not to walk around and feel impossible yet dangerous? Check!

Those who have been sticking around for a while will surely know how crazy I am about shoes. It doesn't matter if its designer or not, I put comfort and class ahead. Especially if its stilletos - kalau tak comfortable sah sah fail la. Pair a good one with day to day wear you can immediately up your look a notch and go from average jane, to hottie on the block.

No kidding.

Well, of late I have been eyeing a pair of Melissa shoes. I am a bit of a sceptic of jelly shoes for a while, but then the Melissa shoes are just too hard to resist! It comes in high heels, flip flops, slip ons, flatties and wedges that can be used from day to night no matter what the occasion. 

Aren't those beautiful????

I can even take them to the office!

They even have flatties - which I love because they come so casual its good to be taken to the beach, my favourite chilling spots!

Anyways, the pair I have been eyeing for quite sometime is perhaps more practical for a cooler climate....

Melissa Drama in Grey

Macam cantek je!!!!! *scream!!!!!*

Omg zalora sale 10%. *grin*. 

I have been contemplating this pair for a while. Cool kan to be strutting the streets of London with this pair? If all those famous celebs can rock Melissa shoes kat sana, I pun boleh.

*gelak evil!*

Plus it comes in a few color options...

Oh my,

Yang pink tu pun macam delish!

With the discounts zalora just made the shoe more affordable. Like!. Now seriously thinking to just impulse purchase a pair myself.

*hears credit card crying*

For more choices of Melissa shoes obviously you can check out Zalora's website now. Go go. Before it runs out.

Laters peeps! Gotta go and checkout my cart now!

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