Monday, August 18, 2014

On my typical Sunday yoga zen

Yesterday's yoga practice is practically like yoga boot camp - by the end of the second hour of basics and intro to ashtanga I was practically sweating buckets. It was not easy, I have missed a week of class because I was busy with my finals submission so catching up with a back to back class yesterday was no joke. 

But my time on the mat is practically one of the happiest time of the day. As I breathe in the air, exhaled and twist - I felt my heart open and my body came to a form of lightness. For a moment I was free from only worry was to stay calm in a pose and steady my breathe. And that is no worry at all. For once I let go of my crazy panicky rush to meet my deadline and simply smile. Yes, I smile on the mat. It is not easy to smile - at first I had to practically force myself to do so because who's sane enough on earth to smile while they struggle to twist their body to the side and bend backwards but seriously, smiling makes all the difference. It relaxes the facial muscles, lift the spirits. Usually I'll take a mat at the front row so that I can open my eyes in between poses and look at the reflection staring back at me....and I can't help but think "gosh that person looking back looks amazing!" every time I see me smile back. It must have been all the oxygen sebab there are times when I don't even recognise that person staring back at me because she look so calm, collected and pretty.

Hahahaha, yes I am vain (and crazy) like that! Okay la. Kalau tak puji diri sendiri siapa la nak puji.

Usually the best part of a long back to back practice is brunch after yoga (where I get to make new friends...blessed you fun yogi souls) and the nap after. It will be the longest Sunday ever because by the time I wake up from my nap it'll be 5pm already (and the yoga ritual starts at 9am) but every single minute is pure joy.


Whats usually your typical Sunday?

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