Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Strings of ......

Tak tau la ong jenis apa dalam badan ni kan but since September started I (almost) lost my phone due to water damage (my Iphone decided to go for a swim during Ani's wedding in Tampin - sobs!), down with conjuctivities for a week, experience mobile meltdown (and now, carless) and now, struggling to brave another hour at work under a gastrick attack.

I wish I can call my fairy godmother and ask her to do something about this string of bad luck but then thats too childlike.


Despite all the negativities, my baby sister got married to the love of her life. Sorry, no piccas. Since its in my Iphone. Still working on fixing it. Nak tunggu orang donate Iphone 6 to me lagi la sampai bila pun agak mustahil. It was fun to get to meet all the aunties and uncles I grew up to when my dad was still in the army.....unfamiliar faces now that more than 20 years had passed but then they were close family friends and the love and warmth they bring with them is still the same. For a while life seems perfect and all the mishaps over the years seems non-existent.

Yeah, there was that much love.

Too bad a lot of my friends can't make it to the wedding. It would have been fun if I could get to see everyone. *grin*. Nak tunggu sendiri punya wedding itu belum pasti. But then takpe la. Whoever made it to the day itself like Ika, Alia, Kom, Shahnaz, Shaz and Shasha - I am forever in gratitude. You guys made my day. I had fun. I hope you guys do too.

Still having a massive headache. 

Wanna. Be. In. My. Bed.