Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Freaking out because of nothing at all

Happy Eid'Adha peeps!

Back to work after a long weekend. My house was turned upside down - major spring cleaning is in progress at the moment. Thought that I can make the change over the weekend but then I was wrong. Sigh. I am such a hoarder. I have so many stuff. Sobs. Planned to give away some of it but ended up putting them back where I found them because I just can't live without them.

Teruk sungguh.


Anyways, things had been slow at the office. Nothing much can be done. Server was down. So I started off with the next big thing in my to do list - event planning. This past 2 years I am somewhat climbing up the event planning ladder - from being just a participant of events (which I love!! , I use to leave all the itsy bitsy things to my besties like Komala or Shahnaz who are more organised) to being a planner myself (because of late, the planners themselves can no longer be an organiser because they are now the ones to be celebrated upon). 


I gotta tell you that planning an event is no joke.


Alas. Some things just need to be done. 

So browsed a few places. Got a few quotes. Sent some emails. Its not even noon yet and I am experiencing massive butterflies in my stomach and I  felt like vomitting.

What if this turns out to be a disaster?

*freaking out*

Maybe I should call for reinforcements. And start delegating.


Still freaking out.

How the hell do some people manage to do this with ease? Perhaps I worry too much.

I better stop now.

Its just too early to lose my cool. Besides.....if it works out it'll work out no? An event is just one huge party.


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